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Essay On The Importance Of Water [Short & Long]

Essay On The Importance Of Water- Water is the most important natural resource after oxygen but we don’t realise the real value of water. We use it like it is unlimited. We should understand the real importance of water.

Short Essay On The Importance Of Water | 250 Words


Water is one of the rarest things found in the observable universe other than planet Earth. Our mother earth is full of water but little of this water is useful. Even most of it is not reachable. We, humans, use it in a way it is free. Yes, it is free because its real value can not be estimated in any currency.

Essay on The Importance Of Water | Introduction

How precious is water

Our mother Earth is the only planet that supports life. Scientists suggest that the possibility of life is directly connected to the presence of water. That is the reason they always try to find water on any planet before finding anything else.

We can not use 99.7% amount of water found on Earth without desalination. And the process of desalination requires huge expenses and power. So there is a need to use the rest 0.3% efficiently.

Life without water

Water is not only needed for our survival but it is also required for a healthy and happy life as well. Everybody has seen the situation of water-deprived nations like Africa, where citizens are living poor life. It is time for everybody to wake up and understand the need for conserving water.

In short, a world without water will make humans impossible to last. The same can be assumed for animals and plants. The entire earth will experience suffering without water. Further, aquatic animals will go extinct after they lose their shelter homes. With time the colourful earth will convert into colourless earth.


In conclusion, Water is the basis of life on Earth. We know that mother earth is full of water but we also know that only a small amount of the whole is valuable. Further, Converting hard water to soft water is quite expensive. So we need to understand the importance of water.

Long Essay On The Importance Of Water | 500 Words


What are the rarest things in the universe? One of those things is water. Researches suggest that water is only found on Earth. And this is the reason that our planet supports life. The Earth (Also known as The Blue Planet) is full of an abundance of water. About 70% of the surface of the earth is covered with water.

Everyone knows that there are loads of water on Earth. But a very little part of the whole is attainable and useful for us. Humans use it carelessly like it has no value at all. But it is now a responsibility to save water and spread awareness for the same.

Importance of water for humans

The human body is made up of around 70% of water. To keep the body functioning well, we need to supply it with pure and fresh water. This is the second most requirement for life after oxygen. It assists the body to carry out particular metabolic tasks and controls the temperature of our body.

Moreover, Water helps in digestion and supplies oxygen to the blood. If we talk about daily uses of water. We use it in every area of life. From brushing our teeth to cleaning the floors, cooking food, producing electricity etc. Nothing can take the place of water.

Significance for living beings

From an insect to the largest organism Blue Whale, water is a basic need for almost every living thing on earth. It helps them to manage their growth activities. Just like humans animals and plants also require water for their food. In animals, it sometimes works like a natural remedy.

Plants need water to convey nutrients to every of its part. They also make their food in the presence of water, Carbon dioxide and sunlight. The greenery that makes the earth look beautiful is all because of water. Without water, it was not possible.

Significance of water for the ecosystem

We know all living beings are interdependent; this system is called an ecosystem. Water contributes to creating a balance in the ecosystem. First of all, it helps the plants to grow and the life cycle starts with plants. Everything in nature arises in a cyclic pattern.

The main role of water is to drive plant growth, provide a stable dwelling for species that live inside it, or give a temporary home or breeding ground for multiple amphibians(like frogs), insects and some other water-birthed organisms. And to supply the nutrients and minerals required to sustain physical life.

Need for water conservation

It is supported by the experts that life is possible here solely because of the presence of water. And every time, space researchers only try to discover the water first on the other planets to predict the possibility of the presence of living beings. So eventually it is an infrequently found thing anywhere else even in the visible universe.

Apart from that, the portion of usable water on the earth is very limited. And turning ocean water into soft water is considerably expensive. So why should not we conserve water? It will save us lots of money that could be implanted in other development projects.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Water is the ground for life on Earth. We understand that our planet is abundant in this natural substance. But we also know that only a small fraction of the whole is helpful. Plus, Changing the useless water to use will require us a large amount of money and machinery potential. So, there is a call to understand the significance of water and spread awareness for it.

Essay on The Importance Of Water | Conclusion


  1. What is the use of water in our bodies?

    To keep the body functioning well, we need to supply it with pure and fresh water. Water provides the nutrients and minerals required to sustain physical life.

  2. How important is water for plant life?

    Just like humans animals and plants also require water for their food. They make food with the help of water, CO2 and sunlight.

  3. What are the main reasons for water pollution?

    Draining of sewage waste, waste materials disposed into the rivers. agricultural wastes like chemical fertilizers and pesticides are released into the water.

  4. How to write an essay on The Importance Of Water?

    Follow these steps to write an essay on The Importance Of Water.
    1. Just gather some information about the topic
    2. Think of the structure of the essay
    3. Start your essay with an engaging sentence
    4. At the end, give a finishing touch to your conclusion.

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