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Summer Vacation is a time for students that fetch them real joy of life. They can enjoy what they love. They can pursue their loved hobbies. Here below are given some essays on summer vacation in different word lengths like 100, 200, 300, 500 words that are suitable for different like classes 1 to 12. Choose the best one for you.

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Essay On Summer Vacation | 100, 150 words | 10 lines

I like the summer season because it brings summer vacations for us.
Summer vacation is an opportunity to enjoy the world without any bondage.
It is a time when we don’t have any pressure of studies.
Summer vacation comes after writing the annual exams.
It is an occasion to enjoy your hobbies like dancing, singing, painting etc.
We use to excited about our summer vacation.
My friends also wait for this adventurous time.
We plan how to spend summer vacation this year.

I always explore new things and places on my summer vacation.
During this vacation, I visited my grandparent’s village which is located in Uttar Pradesh state.
I felt very good there and enjoyed the peace of the village.
My Grandfather has some land for farming.
I and my sister went there and learnt about agriculture.
We also helped our grandfather a little bit in the fields.
I also met a lot of children in that village and make them my friends.
I and my friend played outdoor games every day.
So. My summer vacation was very awesome and full of adventure.

An Engaging Essay On Summer Vacation | In 200 to 300 words | For Class 6, 7, And 8

Essay On Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation Essay 250+ Words

Introduction ( Paragraph on summer vacation )

Essay on summer vacation: Summer vacation is the most awaited event in every student’s life. Summer vacation brings various opportunities to get involved in lots of things that we have been wishing to do. It suggests that vacations are useful if one utilize them correctly by doing something valuable.

Further, summer vacations give every student an occasion to take a rest from their daily routine, relish time with family and friends. Students impatiently wait for summer vacations every year. They always desire to begin something worthy that separates them from the daily routine of studies and practices.

How I spent my summer vacation Paragraph

Essay on How I spent my summer vacation paragraph
How I spent My summer vacation paragraph

This year I visited my aunt’s house that is situated in a village. I and my siblings explored the whole village. We also made friends there. We used to play outdoor games all day long. My aunt prepared different delicious dishes that I never ate before. The taste of those dishes was mind-blowing. I can’t forget these dishes in my life. At my next visit, I will definitely demand these dishes.

Apart from that, We went to the fields Where my uncle does farming. We get to know a lot about agriculture. There were various crops in different fields. I asked my uncle about the process of farming. Also, I helped a little bit in his work. The atmosphere of a village offers us to know the real beauty of mother nature.


In conclusion, Summer vacation is an opportunity to explore new things, skills, and places. It provides you with a chance to know the world at a better level. It expands our confidence level because there is no reason to be involved only in studies. Surely school study makes us better but somewhere it creates bondage at the same time. Summer vacation gets us out of those bondages so that we can unravel the hidden talents of ourselves.

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An Essay On Summer Vacation | In 500-600 Words | For Class 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th

Essay On Summer Vacation

Main Headings of Essay on Summer Vacation

  1. Introduction
  2. How I spent my summer vacation
  3. Summer vacation in India
  4. Benefits of summer vacation
  5. What to do in summer vacation at home
  6. Final Words ( Conclusion )


Summer Vacation is the fittest time to spend newly. It is the most suitable time to get yourself engaged in new stuff and acquire new skills. All the schools and colleges become closed due to the great temperature. Also, the kids rest and relish this time as they don’t have to go to class or studies. Summer Vacation! That word generates a great sense of joy in the minds of scholars and kids.

Summer is the hottest time of the year, but they love it because it brings a long holiday. freedom from the study, freedom from school, this feeling turns the students happy. Most of the students and children either visit a beautiful place like J&k or visit their origin village to have joy with cousins, and friends. Apart from that, some children choose to stay at home and learn new skills by joining classes.

How I spent my summer vacation Essay

How I spent my summer vacation Essay
Essay on summer vacation 500+ Words

I have spent my last summer vacation at my home with my parents.  We didn’t go on any tours and trips this year. I am very fond of playing the guitar so I joined a guitar class this vacation. I used to go to guitar classes in the middle of the day. And in the evening I practised playing a song on my new guitar. Only in two months, I become a cool guitarist.

Also, I used to watch educational videos on Youtube related to space research. I have a great desire to explore the universe. That is the reason I want to become a space research scientist in future.

Summer vacation in India

In India, Summer vacation holds great significance because this is the time when not only children but also their parents get a chance to visit new places in India and the world. But, most people visit places only inside India. These places are famous for their natural beauty and also visited by people all over the world.

Apart from that, Children visit their relative’s homes on summer vacation. Students and children get involved in studies and homework for the entire year. So, they can’t be able to visit their loved ones. Summer vacation provides them with a chance to meet them and make fun with them.

Benefits of summer vacation

Summer vacation has countless benefits for the students and also for their parents. First of all, after the long term of the last class student get a relieving time for their physical and mental health. A brake is an essential part of any work. This brake prepares you for the next move in your journey.

Further, Students have some desires and hobbies to do but in between the study they are not so able that they can pursue their hobbies. Summer vacation offers the opportunity to grab your hobbies and fulfil your desires.

What to do in summer vacation at home

Overall summer vacation is a long duration of time. In this duration, one can easily be bored. But you can do various things that will keep you engaged and energetic during the holidays. You can become a learner at activity classes or summer camps. Plus, they will give you projects on a regular basis so that your interest continues.

Besides, you can join sports clubs to get to your favourite sports like athletics, swimming, bowling, tennis etc. Additionally, you can learn some skills like singing, dancing, drawing, and creative writing. These skills not only prove helpful in your future life but also develop your knowledge in these.

Final Words ( Conclusion )

In conclusion, Summer vacation is an event to explore new things, arts, and hobbies. It equips you with a chance to understand the world at a better level. It grows our confidence level because there is no cause to be involved only in studies. Clearly, school study makes us better but somewhere it creates some limitations at the same time. Summer vacation gets us out of those limitations so that we can interpret the hidden talents of ourselves.

Faq’s- Essay on Summer Vacation

  1. What to do in summer vacation at home in India?

    One can utilize their summer vacation by doing different activities like Singing, dancing, acting, writing, swimming, and playing new games. Also, you can learn new skills by joining some skill development classes.

  2. Writing tips for Essay on summer vacation in India?

    To write an essay on summer vacation in India follow these steps!
    1. Write down the important headings.
    2. Frame a structure of headings.
    3. Write an engaging introduction.
    4. Infuse headings in the middle with content.
    5. At last, Give a conclusion.
    Extra tip! you can use some summer vacation quotes!!!
    Your Essay on Summer vacation is done.

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