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Mother is the only person who loves us unconditionally. She is the very source of life on earth. One can experience unalloyed love and affection in the form of a mother. This article will help you write a few lines like 10, 15 lines, paragraph, speeches and essay on mother in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 Words. Choose the best ones for you.

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Essay On Mother for kids | 100, 150 Words | 10, 15 Lines

A mother is a combination of Love, devotion, and Affection.
She is a form of God because she loves us like God.
Every living being in the world can experience mothers’ love.
Her love is unique and incomparable.
It is next to impossible to find a person who loves you like your mother.
A mother takes care of her child with great love.
She teaches her children good habits and manners.
She trains us on how to walk, talk, and take care of ourselves.

A mother is always concerned about their child and family.
She always identifies every small and big need of ours.
She wakes us up and makes us ready for school.
I love to eat tasty dishes cooked by my mother.
Her motivation is the most powerful in the world.
A mother is not apart from the child, she is the part of her child.
She always inspires us to go forward in life.
I love my mom very much and she too.
I pray to God to keep her healthy and safe.

A Short Essay On Mother | 200, 250, 300 words | Paragraph | for class 6th, 7th & 8th

Essay On Mother
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Do you know? The word “Mother” is derived from a Sanskrit word “maatri” which means a woman who gives birth. And She is the most influential character in everyone’s life. A person is ultimately a reflection of her mother. No matter how much effort is made, it is impossible to define the word “Mother” in available words in the world.

A mother is an idol of sacrifice and love. She is our first well-wisher, first teacher, and also our first friend. She has to awake many nights only for taking care of her newborn baby. A mother is always standing by her child in every situation whether it is a hard time or a happy time.

I assure you, you will be running out of energy if you put yourself into the shoes of your mother. Then you will realize the actual workload that she has to deal with. After, you will question yourself,” how does my mother manage all that?“. And you will result in respecting her more intensely than ever.

A mother can easily detect your problems and find solutions for you. but we did not try for the same. This is how fabulous is a mother. She can guess our situation because of the divine connection between us. No matter how far we are from her, she observes our feelings. The more we praise our mother is always less.

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At last, A mother is the most valuable soul in everyone’s life. She is the perfect meaning of love and sacrifice. We cannot repay our mother’s debt. All the mothers in the world are appreciable. Not just humans, I am talking about every living being, The expression of mother’s love is the same be it a human, an animal, or any other species.

A Long Essay On Mother | 500, 600 Words | For class 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th

Essay on mother

Main Headings For This Essay on Mother

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Mother
  3. Mother’s unalloyed Love
  4. What I Learnt from her
  5. Our duties towards her
  6. Final words


The meaning of the word “Mother” is very vast in itself. A mother is a sea of emotions and love and an irreplaceable person in everyone’s life. Ultimately, a person’s personality is a reflection of her mother. She plays an important role in shaping the overall character of her child.

Mother’s love has no comparison at all. She is the only person who loves her child unconditionally and always ready to do more. A mother sacrifices her days and nights for her children’s happiness and fulfilling their needs. She is always a true wellwisher and encourages their child to move forward in life.

Importance of mother

As earlier, it has been said, and actually, it is a fact that a mother is the most important person in everyone’s life. because only she can take care of the child completely. She remembers all the needs of their children be it small or big.

Our behaviour and personality are a result of our mother’s teachings. She helps us to develop good manners, habits, and behaviour towards others. Apart from all that, she makes us confident to face the problems boldly. A mother is a lesson on how to to take care of yourself and others. she is an inspiration for all.

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Mother’s unalloyed Love

There is no doubt that a mother’s love is very exceptional and hard to find anywhere else. This is unique because for a mother their child is a part of her not apart from her. This attachment is very sensitive as a mother can sense your situations and feelings from a long distance.

Additionally, her love is unalloyed. It means there is no mixture in her love. Those who have not experienced a mother’s affection are surely unfortunate. She loves their child with no expectations in return. A father is less possible to establish a connection like that. Eventually, a mother’s love is no match at all.

What I Learnt from her

A mother is a treasure of knowledge. We can learn a lot of things from her. Some from her words and some from observation. I learned from her how to face problems in a bold attitude and the art of showering love and care. She always taught me to respect our elders and also youngers.

She helped me shape my thought process and analytical ability. I have learned the lesson of sacrifice and devotion from her. She is an inspiration for me and always will be. I have been still learning from her since my birth. Whatever my attitude is today all because of her teachings.

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Our duties towards her

When we were just kids and could not be able to help ourselves, she took care of us and devoted her days and nights for the sake of our happiness. But, Today we are mature enough to take our responsibility. Now we must serve our mother with love.

We should try to get her free from all her responsibilities at least once a week. What does she expect from us other than respect? So we need to respect her heartily. We must always try to keep her happy and comfortable. But one thing is clear that we cannot repay her favors.

Final words

To sum it up, A mother is a beautiful gem in everyone’s life and can not be replaced with anyone else. She is the one who takes care of us in our childhood, encourages us in our teenage, and supports us in our hard times. They are a great invention of God. All the mothers on the planet, be it a human, an animal, or any other species, are greatly appreciable.

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Faq’sEssay on Mother

Why are mothers important?

Mothers are very special person in everyone’s life because they have a unique connection with their child. No one in the world other than mother can understand you better.

Is there any way to support and help mother?

Yes, you can help your mother in various ways in life. You can help him in domestic tasks such as House cleaning, watering the plants. You should always speak politely to her.

When is mother’s day is observed?

It is observed on second Sunday of May every year.

How to write an essay on mother?

Just plan your outline of essay on mother and start with introductory paragraph, then write your body content, and at last add a conclusion giving it a finishing touch.

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