Essay on Poverty

Essay on Poverty in India {+ Causes & effects}

Essay on Poverty: You might be shocked to know the fact that “70 % of the population of the world holds only 3% wealth of the world”. The Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. After knowing this shocking data what do you think about poverty?

Many tell that poverty is a state of mind. It might be a case for many but I am not satisfied with this reasoning because I have seen various hard-working people who work hard to overcome their poverty. But due to a lack of support and facilities, they are helpless.

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The dictionary defines the term “Poverty” as “lack of enough money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in society”. A poor person is not able to meet basic needs such as nutritious food, good clothes, protective shelter and good education for his family. Furthermore, poverty is not limited to a lack of food, clothes, shelter and education.

The poor are victims of many other problems such as exploitation, violation of their rights, injustice, abuse and security. Corruption plays a huge role in making this problem worse. Everyone has the right to live equally but poverty creates divides and social inequality.

The Causes!

There are uncountable causes of poverty. Some of the main causes are listed below:

1. Population

When it comes to talking about the reasons for poverty the first cause that draws our attention is the growing population. A growing population is putting a burden on the resources & budgets of nations. It is difficult for governments to meet the need of the growing population.

2. Unemployment

Another major cause of poverty is unemployment. Due to a lack of employment, people can’t earn enough money to fulfil their basic needs. Due to automation in industries and other workplaces, there is a huge cut in the job market leading to poverty for many.

3. Lack of Education

Education plays a significant role to provide you with a good future by providing you with various opportunities. An educated person has more opportunities and skills to earn money than an illiterate person. Education broadens your thinking and helps you find solutions to any problem whether it is poverty.

Essay on Poverty- Causes

The Effects!

Poverty is a social evil with various negative effects. Some of the effects of poverty are discussed below:

1. Effects On Families

Poverty directly affects the lives of poor families. A poor person is unable to take proper food & nutrition & hence his capacity to work reduces. Reduced capacity further reduces his income, making him poorer. Here are listed the major effects that poor families face:

A. Child Labour

Each parent thinks of a good future for their children but due to the poor conditions of the family, parents send their children to work so that they fetch them an extra penny to meet the basic needs of the family.

B. Illiteracy

As we know poverty is a condition when poor people face difficulties in meeting basic needs. So, they can not afford to send their children to schools to get an education. This leads to illiteracy in their children.

C. Mortality Rate

A poor person is forced to live under unhygienic conditions in slums. There is no proper sanitation & drinking water facility in the slums & he falls ill often &  his health deteriorates. A poor person generally dies an early death. This creates fluctuations in the average mortality rate.

2. Effects On Countries

Poverty not only affects the lives of poor people but also affects countries in various ways such as:

A. Reduced Productivity

It makes sense that poverty reduces the productivity of a country. A country lefts with less number of helping hands contributing to the progress of the country than it could have.

B. Low Economic Growth

Poverty affects the economic growth of a country. A nation with a high poverty rate can never utilize its human resources to the fullest. This is due to a high number of uneducated and unskilled individuals in the country.

How To Eradicate Poverty

For a human being, food, clothes and shelter are the three basic needs to ensure survival on the planet. But only survival is not enough to possess equality in society. So, first of all, we need to find a solution to these three things for the poor.

A. Affordable Food

The government should ensure that the poor families of the country get food at an affordable price. Individuals also can contribute by opening some stalls that provide cheap food.

B. Free Education

Free education is one of the effective solutions for eradicating poverty. Education broadens thinking and helps people find solutions to any problem. Education opens many opportunities to earn money.

C. Housing

The government must ensure providing houses to families who do have not a good and protective living place.

D. Clothes and other things

The fashion industry sells a huge amount of stocks every year. But not all the clothes are fully utilized. Individuals can donate unused clothes to needy people. Many NGOs work in the field


In conclusion, Poverty is a social evil. This evil is widespread around the globe. Be it developing or developed, each country is in the catch of poverty. We can conclude that poverty is the root cause of various other problems. The government puts enormous efforts to eradicate poverty but it is not the responsibility of the government only, as a citizen of the country, individuals also can contribute their assistance to the fight against poverty.


  1. What is the poverty line?

    The estimated minimum level of income needed to secure the necessities of life.

  2. What are the six types of poverty?

    There are six types of poverty which are listed below:
    1. Situational poverty.
    2. Generation poverty.
    3. Absolute poverty.
    4. Relative poverty.
    5. Urban poverty.
    6. Rural poverty.

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