Essay On Science In Everyday Life

Essay On Science In Everyday Life [Best One]

Essay On Science In Everyday Life: “Science” is the study of and knowledge about the physical world and natural laws. We can not change these laws but can use them intelligently to make our lives more comfy and luxurious.

Edward Teller has correctly said, “the science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. Once we understand any law of this nature, we turn it into an opportunity to create a technology that will assist us in saving our time and much more than that.


Today, we are all surrounded by various technologies that have made our life full of comfort and simplicity. All these technologies have been derived with the help of science. Without science, these inventions were impossible. In our daily life, we use science in almost every walk.

No doubt science is a discovery of humans but science has discovered many techniques and methods to humans we use in our daily life. It has turned the complexities of life into simplicities. It has helped us save time. We are more efficient and productive compared to when we did not use science.


Everyone is well aware of how deeply science is involved in every aspect of man’s life. From sunrise to sunset, we are indulged in using various gadgets, technologies, and methods offered by science. For example, Electricity, which is considered the greatest invention, has purely based on the laws of electron dynamics.

Even some of the scientific inventions are called the wonders of science. Machines, devices, vehicles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, the internet, the IT revolution, air conditioners, blowers, geysers, heaters, TVs, and many more, all are gifts of science used in everyday life. This is not a pep talk but it is a fact.


Gone are the days when only rich men could afford a luxurious life. Science has made the luxury so cheap that the common man can also afford it. Fridges, Washing machines, fans, coolers, air conditioners, lighting, geyser, hair drier, massager, water purifiers, air purifiers etc. have made our life no less than a life of a king.

Science is proved to be a blessing to the housewife. The household devices have made her life much lighter. Today, we can handle the complete house with the help of appliances offered by science. Cooking is now a pleasure in a kitchen facilitated with kitchen devices. Cleaning is done by vacuum cleaners, washing is done by washing machines.


Human life is not limited to homes. We are social creatures so there is a need for travelling to meet people and execute other important tasks like education, professional jobs, providing services etc. Science has made travelling a joy. It has offered us various modes of travel and transport.

Trains roar through deserts, jungles, and mountains while aeroplanes fly in the air covering thousands of kilometres in a while. In the past, a journey which took months is today possible in a time duration of some hours. Road vehicles like cars, buses, and bikes made travelling an excellent experience. This is all because of science.


Communication is something that makes humans distinct from other living beings on earth. Science has developed multiple methods of communication that help us communicate better. With the help of e-mail, the internet, computers, telephones, smartphones etc. we can connect to anyone in the world within seconds.

Communication is not limited to individuals. When it comes to flashing our message to the crowd, mass communication helps us. Science has given us multiple methods of mass communication like T.V. newspapers, magazines, social media etc.


Science has also helped us with education. Today, we can take education from sitting in our homes with the help of online learning, online classes, video conferencing and online tests. In the period of lockdown, Science has kept us enabled to pursue education.

Thanks to I.T. (Information Technology) which has made information accessible to everyone. With the help of Information Technology, today anyone can acquire knowledge almost of each type from various sources.


Science has grown our productivity and efficiency by producing multiple devices for our work. Those were the days when offices were stacked with a bunch of files. It was a very difficult task to find specific data. But nowadays it is done with a single click.

With the use of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), we need fewer human resources. Machines do the work much faster and more efficiently.


To sum it up, There is no doubt that science has the greatest benefits to mankind. It definitely has made the most influence in adding comfort to our everyday lives. The wonders of science have made our life wonderful. A special thanks to science and the great scientists who made this possible.