Essay On Biodiversity | Biodiversity Essay In English

Essay On Biodiversity

Essay On Biodiversity: The earth is the only known planet having the existence of life on it. Besides, life has manifested in different forms such as animals, birds, plants, microorganisms etc. Among these broad categories, Each one has its variety. This diversity is called Biodiversity. In other words, Biodiversity refers to the presence of different … Read more

Essay On Leadership | Effective Leadership Essay

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Essay On Leadership: Leadership is an effective and crucial skill for personal and professional development. It maximizes the efficiency of an individual, a business or an organisation. An effective leader can influence and inspire people to strive willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of the desired goal. Furthermore, a good leader is also a good … Read more

Essay On Online Shopping In English

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Essay On Online Shopping: The present era is moving from traditional shopping to online shopping. Various factors drive people to shop online instead of shopping offline. Now it has become a trend among people, especially for youth. Sometimes they buy things to check product quality. Offline shopping or online shopping, which one of the two … Read more

Essay On Travelling | Travelling Essay

Essay On Travelling

Essay On Travelling: The universe is so colourful and full of wonders. In the same way, our earth is also full of wonders and joyful experiences. Every country in the world has its own culture, custom, language and lifestyle. Even people living in different parts of the country display remarkable differences in their clothing, food, … Read more

Essay On Fashion | Fashion Essay

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Essay On Fashion: Fashion evolves very quickly but the word “fashion” is never outdated, it is always in fashion and a subject of gossip. In fact, it has been a profound matter for a long time and it has no expiry. People always want to look different and attractive. Hence, they chase fashion. Welcome to … Read more

Essay on Population Explosion In English

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Essay on Population Explosion: Population explosion refers to the rapid increase in the population of an area. For a developing country, it is a great problem to deal with this problem and meet the demands of the population at a given time. For any country, its population can be an asset but when the population … Read more

Essay on Brain Drain In English

Essay on Brain Drain

Essay on Brain Drain: When I heard the phrase “Brain Drain” for the first time, I thought it might be a disease related to a person’s brain. I was partially wrong and partially correct. Yes, Brain drain is a disease but it does not belong to a person instead it belongs to a country. Brain … Read more

Essay on Childhood Memories [With Headings]

Essay on Childhood Memories

Essay on Childhood Memories: In childhood, we don’t have any memories but this is the period when we experience a lot of new events that become our childhood memories. Our experiences are the ground for memories. We experience some good and some bad events. When we recall our good experiences, we feel joy and delight. … Read more