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Cleanliness is one of the important factors that fetch you a healthy life. That is why it is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. This article will help you write short notes on cleanliness and in writing an essay, 10, 15 lines and paragraphs on cleanliness in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Choose the best one for you.

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An Essay On Cleanliness | 100, 150 Words | 10, 15 Lines

Cleanliness means keep ourselves clean and hygienic.
We can maintain cleanliness with the help of some habits.
We need to take a bath daily to be healthy.
Long nails should be cut time to time.
We must brush our teeth daily to protect them from germs.
We also need to keep our hands clean.
We can wash our hands every hour.

A clean house is also a part of cleanliness.
Always try to not enter the home with shoes.
We also can use a mask to avoid diseases like cough and fever.
Wash your hands properly before eating food.
We must wash fruits before eating them because they can make us ill.
Don’t eat at any dirty places and don’t drink water from dirty places.
We will be healthy and safe if we follow these habits.
I will follow them and also tell my friends to follow cleanliness.

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A Short Essay On Cleanliness | 200, 250, 300 Words | For Class 6eh, 7th & 8th

Essay On Cleanliness


Essay on Cleanliness: Cleanliness is a habit of keeping oneself and surroundings clean. It helps us to get a healthy and disease-free life. Cleanliness is an outstanding habit. It is taught to us by our parents, elders and teachers. There is also a famous proverb, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Which means that one who maintains cleanliness is very close to God.

The practice of cleanliness

There are several essential things that we need to live a comfortable life. Like healthy food, freshwater, and clean clothes, we also need cleanliness. It’s one of those things that we need to learn and teach others. We learn to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean from a very young age.

To avoid diseases, we also need to keep our surroundings clean. We can practice personal hygiene in which we need to take a bath daily, brushing our teeth, cutting longer nails, washing our hands frequently and wearing clothes after ironing them to kill the germs intacted to them.

Advantages of Cleanliness

There are various advantages of cleanliness. First of all it saves us from many types of diseases. If we get a protection against diseases, it benefits us saving our money and the most precious time that could be wasted in the hospital. Also it improves our personality and make us a decent person.

Further, We can achieve our goals in less time if we have a healthy body and strong brain. In bonus, if we all maintain cleanliness for personal and environmental level, one day our mother earth will look like never before.

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In conclusion, cleanliness is a big responsibility for us that requires commitment. The presence of clean environment means absense of viruses and bacteria. A clean environment is best suitable place for overall growth of us. In fact, Cleanliness is the most important basic need after clean air, fresh water and healthy food.

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A Long Essay On Cleanliness | 500, 600 Words | For Class 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th

Essay On Cleanliness

Main Headings of Essay on Cleanliness

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of cleanliness
  3. Key factors of Cleanliness
  4. How to maintain cleanliness
  5. Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


Essay on cleanliness is next to godliness- There is no doubt that everyone wants to live a healthy and disease-free life. To achieve that kind of life is not very tough. Cleanliness is one of the factors that fetch you a healthy life. Cleanliness refers to the habit of being clean. This habit is not something to be built forcefully. It should be encouraged to develop a habit of being clean.

Cleanliness is a great habit which can improve the quality of one’s life. Cleanliness of every type holds equal weight. Our parents and teachers always encourage us to be neat and clean. This habit leads us a life full of comfort.

Importance of cleanliness

Cleanliness holds the same significance in life as other aspects of life. It is as essential as food, fresh air and freshwater. In order to achieve goals, one needs to be physically healthy and mentally strong. Cleanliness is a medium to achieve that state of life.

From our young age, We all are taught to be clean and keep our surroundings clean. It is because this is a habit that takes time to grow. With time one can easily witness its benefits in his/her life. It’s one of the art that we need to learn and apply it to our lives.

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Key factors of Cleanliness

Cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene practices play a prominent role in human life. This is a combination of various key factors. First of all, personal hygiene is a very vital factor. Personal hygiene consists of taking a bath daily, trimming long nails, brushing your teeth, frequently washing hands, neat and clean clothing etc.

Other one is cleanliness of your surroundings where we live. Sometimes we enter our house without putting out shoes. It can transmit harmful germs in the home. later, it will cause severe disease. So it is required to daily clean our house using a broom and wash out floors with a floor cleaner liquid.

How to maintain cleanliness

As everyone knows, it is not hard to maintain cleanliness. It is very necessary to maintain cleanliness to achieve a healthy life. It is very vital to wash our hands before having a meal. It ensures no bacteria can enter your body and counter illnesses. Afterwards, we should always eat food prepared in clean conditions and consume fresh water.

Furthermore, Avoid eating outsides and drinking water from unclean sources. Always keep a water bottle with yourself. One can iron clothes before wearing them so that germs will get killed. In bonus, one can plant trees around his/her house to make the environment more clean and natural.

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Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness” is a spiritual sentence that was first introduced in 1778. There is not a very vast meaning behind this line. This line simply refers that if you are seeking God, you need to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. Some people believe that this sentence has come from the holy bible. In fact, it is not.

Another definition suggests that this proverb expresses the view that those who are pure and hygienic are close to God. Whatever the meaning behind this proverb, the sole goal is to encourage people towards cleanliness.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, one needs to maintain cleanliness, sanitation and personal hygiene to achieve a state of a healthy life. It is as vital as oxygen to breathe and freshwater to drink. Swachch Bharat Abhiyan was launched in order to maintain cleanliness. We should learn from it and also be a part of it. If everyone gives his full best, the whole earth will be transformed.

Faq’s- Essay on Cleanliness

  1. Why is cleanliness important?

    Cleanliness is important to live a healthy and illness free life. It improves the quality of living and help us stand out of the crowd.

  2. Why is it important to keep your surroundings clean?

    It is essential because it helps prevent viruses and bacteria to be developed there. As result, We get protection against them.

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