10 Lines on Republic Day For Kids

1️⃣ Republic day is a grand Indian celebration observed on the 26th of January every year.2️⃣ The Indian Constitution came into force this day back in the year 1950.3️⃣ We recall our freedom fighters on this occasion & celebrate our freedom.4️⃣ Our school arranges many functions and we march in our town shouting slogans.5️⃣ We take part in music, dancing, play, poetry, and … Read more

10 Lines on My Birthday Party for class 1

10 Lines On My Birthday Party For Class 1

10 lines on my birthday party for class 1: A birthday party is one of the most awaited events for someone, especially for kids. It fulfils them with a lot of joy and enjoyment. Welcome to Thenextskill.com. This site is intended to help students write short and long essays, articles, paragraphs and 10 lines on … Read more