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Essay on Good Manners [Short & Long]

Essay On Good Manners- Good manners refer to ethical and moral behaviour towards an individual or society. They represent us as ideal social beings. This is not a new concept rather our scriptures also teach us how should we pursue good manners.

Education makes a person an educated one but good manners and behaviour make him a gentleman. A highly educated being with no good manners will not be counted as a good person. Good Manners are important for everyone to become an exceptional personality.

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Education makes a person an educated one but good manners and behaviour make him a gentleman. A highly educated being with no good manners will not be counted as a good person. Good Manners are important for everyone to become an exceptional personality.

We are taught good manners from childhood. Our parents and teachers taught us the value of good manners. Good manners build an individual into a great human being and are essential for It is not something that can be learnt at once. We adopt them in daily practice.

Essay on Good Manners | Introduction

What are some Good Manners

Here are some good manners listed below one must follow:

  • Helping others- It is the first lesson taught by our parents and teachers.
  • Sharing things- Sharing and caring is another good habit that brings us many friends.
  • Thanking- Whenever you get help from someone, you should thank them.
  • Obedience– We must obey our elders and teachers.
  • Follow rules- Everyone should follow rules whether they are in school or road or any other.
  • Welcoming and serving elders- In the home, we must welcome elders and guests.
  • Keeping silence in class- We should keep silent in the classroom so that students can study properly.
  • Not Disturbing Others- If someone is doing something, it is wrong to disturb them in between.

Why are Good Manners important?

Good manners are important for every field to create a good place in the hearts of people. If your behaviour and interaction are not good with others, they will always try to escape from you.

For example, if you are a boss at a company and talk weirdly with employees, either they will definitely try to escape from you or leave the job. This is a good way of demonstrating your leadership skills.

All successful businesspersons possess a common quality which is their very polite behaviour towards everyone. In fact, this is the secret behind their success. Hence, good manners are important for achieving success in life.


In conclusion, Good manners are characteristics of a gentleman. Everyone should adopt good manners in life to make a distinct identity in society. Good manners bring us respect and appreciation in society.

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Long Essay On Good Manners | 500 Words


Our parents always teach and tell us what are good manners and what are bad manners. Good manners are helpful to convert a person into an outstanding personality. Other than that, To be liked and loved by everyone, one needs to behave well with people without any filter of poor, rich, black or white. Good manners hold equal significance to living in a society.

Good manners develop over time and we know that observation has more weight than teaching. Children use to observe and copy the behaviour of people all around them. So, parents must also adopt good manners instead of only teaching their children about good manners.

Importance of Good Manners

Good manners hold extreme significance in one’s life. Everyone likes a person who bears good manners. Don’t you? It is human nature to like someone who treats everyone with love and respect. There is a saying that “Treat everyone as you want yourself to be treated”. It is correct, if you won’t respect anyone, who will respect you?

Good manners are also a key factor in achieving success. Have you ever listened about a person who got success bearing bad manners? Obviously, no. All successful personalities possess good manners. In fact, this is one of the secrets behind their success. We need to replicate this formula to be successful in life.

Types of Good Manners

Even though good manners of any kind are beneficial for personal improvement but we can categorise them based on different criteria.

Good Manners For Physical Benefits: Practise some healthy habits that are taught by our family members from a very early age. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are excellent good manners to prevent sickness. Apart from these, waking up early and going to bed at a proper time are necessary habits to balance physical and mental health.

Moreover, Regularity and punctuality are other important things that one should aim for. These manners take you to the next level of life.

Good Manners For Improving Personality: Good manners help us enhance our personality and offer a place in society. Plus, these manners give us a chance to be liked and loved by others. Whether we are at home, school, college or any place we should always respect our elders irrespective of colour, creed or caste. Apart from respect, always speak politely to everyone be it a child, youngster or elder.

Furthermore, kindness and helpfulness are also qualities of a gentleman. These qualities make a person a real human. Words leave a magical influence on human beings. So always use “Thank You“, “Sorry“, “Excuse Me“, “Good Morning” and “Good Evening“. This will strengthen brotherhood and relations.

Extraordinary Good Manners

Every one of us absolutely possesses common good manners but there are some extraordinary good manners that a few people follow:

Waiting for your chance: Nowadays everyone is in a hurry to get their job done as soon as possible without caring for another person’s rights. They tend to offer a bribe for faster execution. But the poor can not afford to offer a bribe. So, we should not violate the fundamental right to equality.

Listen before you speak: People want to be listened to and understood but everyone is trying to impose their ideas without understanding the context of another person. If you first listen and understand someone’s context. It increases the probability of better communication.

Self-control and self-discipline: This is something very few people can apply in their life. Don’t flow with emotions to make the right decision because the right decision will always be appreciated by everyone.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Good manners are the first lesson taught to children. A person with good manners is always loved and appreciated. These types of people possess a magnetic influence on society. The quality of having good manners is the ladder to achieving success. So, Everyone must practise and follow good manners because they decide the character of a person.

Essay on Good Manners | Conclusion

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