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Essay on Sustainable Development: Everyone wants development. The question is “in term of what?”. The answer may vary for different people. It can be materialistic, financial, based on living standards etc. By the way, each type of development requires resources.

For the development of living standards, human beings have always been exploiting natural resources and harming the environment. If it continues, the forthcoming generations will be lacking resources and they will not be able to meet their needs. Hence, their development will not be easy. Sustainable development is the solution to prevent this situation.

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500+ Words Essay on Sustainable Development




Sustainable development refers to “the development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” Moreover, if we observe the term “sustainable development”, it means a development that heads over towards progress not decline.

The World Commission on Environment and Development popularized this concept in 1987. It aims to prevent the exploitation of natural resources and enrichment the natural resources. Basically, it is an action plan to help our future generations to live comfortable life.

Essay on Sustainable Development- Introduction


We need many resources and a suitable environment to live our lives effortlessly. The population of the world is growing rapidly and so is the demand for resources. Human beings have been continuously exploiting resources and harming the environment.

In this condition, our future generations have to face a scarcity of resources to meet their needs and have to experience a less supportive environment. Sustainable development is the only solution to prevent this situation. It will prevent overexploitation and wastage of natural resources.

Also, it will prevent environmental degradation and help in finding alternative sources to regenerate renewable energy resources. In simple words, sustainable development ensures a safe life for humans and a safer future for humanity.


Why is sustainable development important? Because we can not cease using natural resources and shut the industries suddenly as it will disrupt the progress and development of the country. Moreover, it will also trigger many problems for common people.

Sustainable development does neither talk about moving to the pre-industrial era nor ceasing the use of natural resources. It just encourages alternative ways of working that conserve the environment and enriches natural resources.

This way we can reduce the global climatic changes, ozone depletion, food scarcity, overpopulation, species loss and deforestation.


We have many options to practice that will help us to achieve a state of sustainable development. Some of them are listed below:

Afforestation: Rapid deforestation has harmed the environment very badly. We must encourage afforestation because it will help us to tackle environmental issues and provide us with an abundance of natural resources.

Use of renewable energy: The use of renewable energy is the need of the hour as conventional energy sources are rapidly declining. Solar energy, Wind energy, Geothermal energy, Biomass from plants and hydropower from flowing water are the best sources of renewable energy.

Spreading awareness: It is said that, “prevention is better than cure”. Prevention always starts with awareness. Awareness is the best tool to prevent any kind of problem in the future. We must spread awareness to our young generations and to those who need it.

Energy conservation: Today, we use electricity day in and day out. it is form energy generated through techniques that consume our conventional energy sources. We should save energy by adopting some easy habits like switching off lights, fans, and TVs when not in use.


To sum it up, sustainable development is the key to ensuring a safer future for the forthcoming generations. It will also help to tackle environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, loss of species, and shortage of natural resources. So, we must need to develop habits so that we can also contribute to this great purpose.

Essay on Sustainable Development- Conclusion

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Faq’s- Essay on Sustainable development

  1. Why is sustainable development needed?

    Sustainable development is needed to ensure a safer future for future generations by ensuring the availability of natural resources, energy and a fit environment.

  2. When did the concept of sustainable development come into existence?

    The concept of sustainable development came into existence in the 1980s.

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