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Summer Season Essay for students

The Weather changes throughout the year bringing different seasons. The summer season is considered the hottest season of the year. Many natural activities take place in the summer season such as the evaporation of water, the melting of snow etc.

In this post, we will write an essay on the summer season for students and children.


The summer season is associated with hot weather, dry air and intense sunlight. It becomes so difficult to go out in the afternoon. This season reminds us of the importance of water when we go outside in the daytime. Hence, people usually go out in the evening or at night.

In contrast, it is the most interesting and enjoyable season. Due to summer vacations, kids enjoy this season to the fullest as they get a chance to go on a picnic and visit their relatives. Apart from that, the summer season offers us a variety of fruits and vegetables to relish.

Essay on summer season- Introduction

Features of Summer Season

During this season, Days become warmer and longer while nights become cooler and shorter. The process of evaporation starts from the water bodies, which act as a preparation for the monsoon. Winds turn so hot that can cause you severe illness.

The scorching sun exhausts our energy. The shade of the trees gives relief to the travellers. It is difficult to stay at home in the absence of electricity. Thus, this season makes us aware of the importance of water, trees and energy.

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Crops, fruits & Vegetables

The summer season brings various fruits and vegetables. Mangoes. Muskmelons and Watermelons are the fruits that dominate the fruit market. Fruit chaat, Fruit juices, Lemonade, Aam Panna, Jaljeera Pani and Sugarcane juice become my favourite daytime snacks.

If we talk about vegetables; Brinjal, Cucumber, Bottle guard, Pumpkin, Bitter guard, White onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Beans etc.

It is a crucial season for the farmers. They sow seeds for new crops because this climate is favourable for the cultivation of some specific crops.

How Do people enjoy Summers?

Different people enjoy summers in their own way. Schools get shut down so kids and children get a summer vacation. During summer vacations, children go for picnics and to visit their grandparents’ villages.

Apart from that, Many children pursue their hobbies like playing indoor games, reading comics, learning a new skill etc. Be it a kid or an adult you can find them playing Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Carroms, and Chess in the summer season.

Adults make tour plans in the summer season. They usually prefer to visit cool and hydrating places. At home, they relish many soothing foods and drinks like Lassies, Serbat, Ice pops, Ice creams, cold drinks etc.

Disadvantages & Precautions

Due to too much hotness, people have to face dehydration. The dry environment grabs all the moisture from our bodies so we need to drink water frequently. Another bad thing, too much sweat causes the body to odour badly and it makes people uncomfortable in the public.

Additionally, Body rashes, itching and other skin problems start to occur. We must keep some important points in mind. First, we should bathe daily and keep proper hygiene of our bodies. Second, wear light, washed clothes made from cotton. Third, we must bring a water bottle wherever we go.


To sum it up, the summer season has some advantages and some disadvantages but we can enjoy summer by avoiding its negative aspects. If you keep an optimistic approach, you can take out the highest benefits of summer and can enjoy the same to the fullest.

Essay on summer season- conclusion

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