Best Paragraph On Global Warming [Top 3]

Paragraph on Global Warming

Paragraph On Global Warming- Global warming is simply a continuous increase in the earth’s average temperature. It is becoming a severe problem for the existence of life on this planet. Humanity is facing a lot of negative impacts of global warming. The life of any species depends on multiple factors. One of those is a … Read more

Best Paragraph on My School [Top 3]

Paragraph on my school

Paragraph on My School– Every student feels proud of his/her school. This is because of positive experiences provided by his/her school. A school is a place where education is provided. An Education helps an individual to improve the quality of life. Besides the basic function of a school, each one is different from others. There … Read more

Best Paragraph On Mahatma Gandhi [Top 3]

Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi- Banner

Paragraph on Mahatma Gandhi-Mahatma Gandhi, also known as “Bapu” and “the father of the nation“, is a name counted one of the Greatest Indian freedom fighters. He always fought against the evils spread in society. Indians recognise him very well for his extraordinary personality. On the celebration of Gandhi Jayanti, there are various writing competitions … Read more

Best Paragraphs On Pollution [Top 4]

Paragraphs on pollution

Paragraphs on Pollution- Normal human activity is worse for nature than the greatest nuclear accident in history. Pollution is a result of human activities which are worsening the environment. Pollution is impacting the quality of air, water and soil.

Best Paragraph on A Journey By Train

We all like to travel to new places. These travels leave us with some unforgettable experiences. Here I have been sharing a Paragraph on A Journey By Train in different word lengths. These paragraphs will help you draft your assignment. You may get some ideas on how to write your experiences on a paper. Believe … Read more

Best Paragraph On A Journey by Bus

All of us have experienced many journeys. Some of them are very close to our hearts. I am sharing here a Paragraph On A Journey by Bus in different word lengths. You can also take an idea from these paragraph on how to write a piece of your experience of a journey by bus. Choose … Read more

Best Paragraph on Wonder of Science

Do you want to write a winning and influential Paragraph on Wonder of Science? NO worry!!! Given below are some superb paragraphs on the same topic in 100, 150 & 250 Words. Choose the best one for you!!! Welcome to EssaySpeechOn.Com. This site is intended to help students write short and long essays, articles, paragraphs … Read more