Essay On Water Pollution

Essay On Water Pollution [Short + Long]

Water pollution is a severe environmental problem around the world. We must be very conscious of this problem and make others informed about it. We exist because of the existence of water.

Water is one of the fundamental needs to survive on this planet. All the organisms on Earth require water in one form or another. Water pollution has become an enemy to most organisms. Polluted water brings us diseases and physical imbalances.

Short Essay On Water Pollution | 250 words


Water pollution is a severe environmental problem around the world. Water pollution happens when pollutants like agricultural wastes and toxic industrial wastes and other chemicals mix in water bodies like lakes, underground water, rivers, and oceans. It is affecting the lives of humans, animals, aquatic animals and also plants.

Essay On Water Pollution | Introduction

The Causes!

There are several causes of water pollution the draining of sewage waste into the water, waste materials disposed into the rivers and lakes, agricultural wastes like chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the burning of fossil fuels that is also a cause of acid rain. Water is easily polluted because of its high solubility in a range of materials.

The Effects!

Water pollution is not only affecting the lives of human beings but also animals, plants and aquatic animals and aquatic plants are affected. It is also a reason for the imbalance of the ecosystem. Water pollution is solely a reason for various water-generated diseases. Several deaths occur every year caused by water pollution.

The Solutions!

The use of water efficiently is a responsibility for all human beings and also saving water helps us preserve the water for later use. We should not dispose of the waste material in our dustbins into the water bodies.

Also, industries must release their chemical wastes after the proper treatment so that water does not get polluted. Most importantly, Awareness must be spread among people who are not aware enough and young ones.


Concluding, Water is a requirement for all of us. It is a gift of mother nature and we need to use it efficiently to live a good life. As a natural resource, it is limited and we all should understand its actual value. Individuals and the government should perform their duties to curb this problem.

Long Essay On Water Pollution | 500 Words


Water is a basic need to execute life on Earth. But daily, we are presently making it unclean by doing various types of activities. Contaminated water is a cause of many types of diseases such as Typhoid, Jaundice, cholera etc, A large portion of deaths globally are caused by water pollution.

We must be very conscious of this problem and make others informed about it. This is a powerful way to counter this puzzle. The government should implement laws to prevent the industries’ harmful substances and disposal of chemicals into the water. We must use water very carefully and efficiently.

Its Importance

The earth is abundant in water but only a small fraction (about 0.3 %) of that volume is usable by humans. We need to recognise the real price of water because we are not using this valuable gift of nature efficiently. All living bodies, be they a human, animals, or plants, are dependent on water to live a life.

Everyone is wholly dependent on pure and potable water. We are just using it in a process like it is free. Yes, it is free because its worth can’t be measured in any currency. We can’t even last a long life without water because it maintains body functions to work well and helps with digestion.

Effects of water pollution

Water pollution is the single reason for several diseases like jaundice, diarrhoea, cholera, and typhoid. Globally, a large part of deaths occurs because of the consumption of contaminated water. It Impacts the natural ecosystem too.

It is a reason for the scarcity of clean water in the environment. We already know that clean water is a basic need for human beings and water pollution is reducing the amount of clean water.

Plus, pollution in water bodies is a threat to aquatic animals and plants. It can reduce their lifespan and even can make them go extinct.

Causes of water pollution

Water is very vulnerable to being exposed to pollution. Water is known as a “universal solvent,” It is capable to dissolve more substances than any other fluid on Earth. It’s the reason water is so easily polluted. Draining sewage waste into rivers pollutes water at a greater level.

The other reason is pollution from industries that fill untreated water in rivers and lakes. The third reason is chemical fertilizers and pesticides are also dirtying the water. Moreover,

Additionally, Burning fossil fuel is an indirect way to pollute water. burning of fossil fuel produces a large amount of ash in which particles that contain toxic chemicals exist when mixed with water vapour resulting in acid rain.

How to reduce water pollution

  1. Awareness: It is the most effective way to reduce the amount of water pollution.
  2. Preventing the disposal of waste into the water: The government should take some steps in this regard to control the disposal of waste materials into the water.
  3. Making rules for the industries: Industries that contribute to polluting water are needed to have screws tightened on them and penalised if found violating the guidelines.
  1. Saving water: It is not the direct method to reduce water pollution but it will help a lot regarding this problem.
  2. Proper dumping of sewage waste: Sewage waste is a great source of water pollution There is a need to make proper arrangements for its dumping.
  1. Water conservation: Water conservation means saving water. It is a global responsibility for all human beings. And it is a great way to prevent water pollution.
  2. Using eco-friendly products: By using insoluble products that do not mix with water easily helps reduce water pollution.

Final words

To sum it up, Water is a part of our climate and our lives. It is a very basic need for people to live a life on this planet but living a life is not sufficient. We need pure water to live a healthy life and we are well aware of the existing situation. So, finally, we need to preserve it from being polluted if we want to demand a healthy lifestyle for our forthcoming generations.

Essay On Water Pollution | Conclusion

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