Essay on Visit to A Zoo

Essay on Visit to a Zoo for Students

Essay on Visit to a Zoo: There is a wide range of species in the world. Some live in jungles, some live underwater, and some live underground. People can not visit all these places to have a look at different living beings and organisms. Zoos allow us to see different types of animals, birds, reptiles etc in one place.

Nowadays, Zoos are meant to educate and entertain the public but they also possess the aim of conservation of different species. Generally, Zoos are inspected and regulated under the supervision of the government.

Essay on Visit to A Zoo | Class 9 & 10

A zoo is a place where a lot of species of animals, birds, and reptiles are kept for conservation and showcase purposes. People visit zoos with families and friends to get a dose of entertainment and education about animals, birds, reptiles and other organisms.

During my last summer vacation, I visited a zoo in my city. I went there with my family and neighbours. It was my first time visiting a zoo. I was so excited because My friends used to tell me about their experiences of visiting a zoo. When I entered the zoo, I felt like I entered a jungle because the first scene was full of wild animals and their voices.

At first, I saw a lion who was sitting in his den. Suddenly he roared and made me shiver. After wandering for a minute, we reached the cage of monkeys. The monkeys were the most entertaining animals in the zoo. They were mimicking the visitors, hanging here and there & eating bananas.

When this area ends, we enter the world of air species. Beautiful and colourful birds just made us spellbound. People offered edible items to the birds out of excitement but I made informed them that it can be a dangerous act for the birds.

After that, we visited the place where water animals are placed such as Crocodiles, Sea horses etc. Then we got to see many types of snakes such as cobras, Pythons etc. On the next Halt, we visited the aquarium where we witnessed the beauty of aquatic fishes and other organisms.

To be honest It was an awesome and adventurous trip for me. I have decided to visit the zoo again.

Essay on Visit to A Zoo in English

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