Essay On Summer Vacation In 150 Words

Summer Vacation is the fittest time to spend it differently than normal school days. It is the most suitable time to get yourself engaged in new stuff and acquire new skills. All the¬†schools and colleges become closed due to the great temperature. Also, the kids rest and relish this time as they don’t have to go to class or study.

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Summer Vacation! That word generates a great sense of joy in the minds of students and kids. In India, Summer vacation holds great significance because this is the time when not only children but also their parents get a chance to visit new places in India and the world.

Apart from that, Children visit their relative’s homes on summer vacation. Students and children get involved in studies and homework for the entire year. So, they can’t be able to visit their loved ones. Summer vacation provides them with a chance to meet them and make fun with them.

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