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An Engaging Essay On Corruption In 200 to 300 words For Class 6, 7, And 8.


There are various social issues in society. One issue of them is corruption. Corruption is a form of a criminal activity done by either an individual or an organisation. This activity compels others to compromise with their rights. It is a roadblock in the overall development of any country. Everyone agrees that corruption is wrong and offensive. Unfortunately, in India, corruption has become a segment of life.

How is corruption impacting lives?

In small form or in big form, Corruption is prevalent in almost every region. Corruption is affecting our lives directly. The poor have to be hit by corruption more because they have no money for bribery. This leads to inequality in society. On the one hand, where the daily needs of poor people are not being met, on the other hand, some people are living gracefully.

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How to tackle this issue?

The first measure to be taken by the government is to impose a terrible penalty for those who found involved in corruption. Furthermore, the Government should increase the salary of employees so that they can meet their needs and also there is a need to recruit more employees in the government offices to decrease the workload per employee. Plus, Individuals have their own duties to tackle corruption. They need to be aware of there rights and never tend to compromise with them.


Corruption is a social issue that needs to be thrown out of society. it is contaminating the society. Corrupt people are not beneficial for the society as well as for the country. Corruption is the poison that has transfixed the minds of many people these days. Surely, with constant political and social efforts, we can get rid of Corruption.

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An Essay On Corruption In 500-600 Words For Class 9 to 12

essay on corruption

Main Headings of Essay on Corruption

  1. Introduction
  2. Impacts of corruption
  3. Corruption in India
  4. Reasons for corruption
  5. Methods of corruption
  6. How to stop corruption
  7. Final Words.

Introduction (Paragraph on corruption)

All the power belongs to the amount of money“. This notion leads individuals and organisations to create a pile of money. They go on the illegal track to earn money and use their authority in an evil way. Corruption is getting more prominent day by day because of people’s growing hunger for more extra power, fame and wealth. They don’t even care about which path they are following.

Today, No nation is safe to the disease of Corruption. From Hospitals to enterprises and governments, no place and nobody is immune from Corruption. Corruption originates from the greater levels and goes down to the lower levels fast, building an environment of less hard work and cheated events.

Impacts of corruption

Corruption is affecting the individual’s lives as well as society and country. It is an evil that is widespread in every field. The poor are the main victims and highly Impacted by corruption. The rich get every work done easily with the help of bribery whereas the poor have to wait and face difficulties. This situation creates inequality in the society and thus violating the right to equality act.

Moreover, Crimes are provoked by corruption because criminals can easily be freed with the help of bribery and on the other hand, victims find no justice at all.

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Corruption in India (Paragraph on corruption in India)

essay on corruption

In India, corruption has become a part of life. Today, we have to live with it. In every field in India, you will come across with this illegal activity. From hospital to school admission, from getting a driving licence to getting benefits of any government scheme, from politics to private organisation. No place and no one is untouched by corruption.

It has become a method of earning money by using one’s authority illegally. Some measures were introduced against the misuse of power by the government servant. The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act came into force from January 2014 to probe into allegations of corruption against individual public officials. India holds every skill, talent and resource to be a developed nation, just some changes are required.

Reasons for corruption

There are many reasons for corruption given below is a list of common reasons for corruption.

  1. Greed: The first and foremost reason for corruption is greed to earn more money in order to lead a glamorous lifestyle. Most of the government servants in India are corrupt because of their greed.
  2. Workload: Workload in government offices is another reason for corruption. The officials tend to ask for bribery for doing their duties.
  3. Low salary: Low is salary is also a reason for corruption so that people can easily meet their required monthly expenses.
  4. Less number of employees: less number of employees provoke corruption to take place.
  5. Hurry in work: Individuals prefer to pay bribery in order to get their work done fast. This is one of the major reasons for corruption.
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Methods of corruption

Bribery is the most popular method of Corruption. Bribery includes the inappropriate use of favours and rewards in exchange for private gain. Besides, the types of favours are distinct.
Embezzlement refers to the act of keeping assets for the target of theft. Moreover, it takes place by 1 or more individuals who were committed to these assets. Above all, embezzlement is a kind of commercial fraud.

The graft is a global model of Corruption. Most remarkable, it points to the unauthorised use of a politician’s authority for private gain. Moreover, a popular way for the graft is misleading public supplies for the interest of politicians.
Extortion is another principal mode of Corruption. It means to acquire property, money or services illegally. Above all, this obtainment happens by compelling individuals or organizations. Therefore, Extortion is considerably similar to blackmail.

How to stop corruption

Strong laws are very powerful for stopping Corruption. Above all, severe punishments need to be given out to guilty people. Besides, there should be an effective and fast implementation of stringent laws.
Using cameras in workplaces is a great way to stop corruption. Apart from this, many people would avoid involving in Corruption due to fear of being arrested. Moreover, these people would have oppositely involved in Corruption.

The government need to make sure to retain inflation low. Due to the increase in prices, many people consider their incomes to be too low. In result, this increases Corruption among the crowd.
One significant way of stopping Corruption is to provide a greater salary in a government job. Several government workers get pretty low salaries.
Doubling the number of workers can be another proper way of controlling Corruption. In several government offices, the workload is very large. This gives a chance to slow down the workload by government servants.

Final words (Conclusion)

Corruption is a common issue that requires to be forced out of society. it is corrupting the society. Corrupt personalities are not helpful for society as well as for the nation. One point is for sure, first and foremost, when our leaders stop their own corruption, India will be corruption free.

Faq’s- Essay on Corruption

What is definition of corruption?

Corruption is a form of criminal activity that involves the illegal use of authority and power for personal gain.

Which country is topped the list of most corrupted?

In the list, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore and Switzerland are perceived as the top 6 least corrupt nations in the world.

How to write an engaging essay on corruption?

We can write an essay of any type in three simple steps:
1. Just gather some information about the topic
2. Think of the structure of the essay
3. Start your essay with an engaging sentence
4. At the end, give a finishing touch to your conclusion.
That’s all you can write an essay on corruption.



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