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Essay On Women Empowerment In English

Essay on Women’s Empowerment – Supporting women’s rights is our responsibility. They are also human beings. If their body functions and mental capabilities are similar to men’s, then why are they treated unequally and deprived of their rightful place in society?

Women empowerment is the process to grant women their true rights. An Empowered Woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Our progress will be double-folded if women get the same treatment as men.

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As a part of God’s creation, women must get the same rights to live their life freely as anyone on the planet. But since ancient times they are being maltreated and deprived of their rights. The process of getting them out of this condition and bringing them their rights and their rightful place in society is known as Women’s Empowerment.

Essay On Women Empowerment | Introduction

Issue of Women’s Empowerment

The very first problem that women have to face is Gender inequality. It simply refers to not having similar rights and a legitimate place in society as men. In some countries, men and women are treated equally. But still, there are a lot of countries where women are treated differently than men. Despite a lot of efforts, our country falls into the second bucket.

Domestic violence and discrimination against women are the second main problem. They are not free to make their own decisions and are deprived of many other activities. Women have usually less access to education, employment, ownership, and many other things. They are not allowed to pursue a professional life. Women’s empowerment is the only solution for all of these issues.

In today’s world, for the overall development of a family, society, and country, there is a need to empower girls and women. They could be proved a success key for us. Countries in which women have all the powers are on the path of progress. Women empowerment is a more severe need for our country than ever.

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In conclusion, Women’s empowerment is a required demand for a better future for the country and to portray the best picture. We don’t have to do much but bring back their proper place. Having a lot of initiatives, our country is still lacking behind in women’s empowerment. We all can make it possible by taking part in encouraging and supporting our girls and women.

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First of all, women’s empowerment directly means making women and girls powerful so that they make their own decisions and can improve their level of lifestyle. Women, since the ancient ages, have suffered at a higher level. They have been ill-treated for years for no legit reason. Even in this modern era, things are not improving.

Women’s empowerment is like a ray of hope for women to bring them to the place to which they are entitled. It will strengthen their willpower. The government has taken some initiatives to empower girls and women. From the future perspective, men and women have the same significance.

Present Scenario

If we look at history, we will notice that women have set an example in different fields. But if we observe present conditions, we will discover that women have several limitations on them. In rural areas, women are still being abused and beaten by their husbands. Men treat them like their property.

Additionally, they are still not allowed to pursue higher education and professional life. They can’t contribute to decision-making for their family. As human beings, they also hold a similar weight as men. So it is a wake-up call for us to empower women. They should not be maltreated anymore.

Need for Women’s Empowerment

All the developed countries have a feature of gender equality. But in India, it is an issue of conversation only. In other countries, women and girls are self-dependent and they can make their own decisions and also can take responsibility. And this is a reason for those countries to fall into the bucket of developed ones.

Women can contribute to serving the country as they are the ones who understand the meaning of responsibility. They perform well in almost every aspect of life. Our country is among those which are less secure for females. There is a need for women’s empowerment so that they can take a stand for their rights.


If we talk about the advantages of women’s empowerment, Empowered women are a success key for a family, society, and also for the country. Educated women can shape their family’s future by giving the right guidance to their children. She can take part in every decision of the family.

Women have the right to vote according to their understanding. So ultimately they can also shape our country’s political structure. They are not intellectually unfit. They also can make healthy decisions like men. Some studies show that women are more focused compared to men. But, unfortunately, they are getting paid less at the workplace.

How to Empower Women

There are a lot of ways to empower women. We should take part in supporting women and girls in our society. We can enable them for almost every field that she is prevented from. Women’s education should be made compulsory so that women can become illiterate enough to live their life in full.

Child marriage must be banned and a huge penalty should be imposed if someone is found involved in it. The government should spread awareness about this among people and encourage them to behave well with their daughters. Girls and women must get provided with free training on how to defend themselves and face problems boldly.

Final words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Women’s empowerment is an urgent need for a better society and the country as well. They are the other half of society. Why are they stripped of equal rights and treatment? Everyone has a different strength. understanding this concept, we should include them in every opportunity so that they can give their best for the community, society, and country.

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Essay On Women Empowerment | Conclusion


  1. Why should we respect women?

    The reason must not be asked. It is absolute to respect them because they keep the same rights as any other and we don’t have any right to disrespect them.

  2. How can we empower women?

    There are many ways to empower them. We can strengthen them physically, mentally, and Educationally.

  3. When is International Women’s day is observed?

    International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year. The day celebrates womanhood all across the globe.