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Essay on Unemployment In India {Short&Long}

Essay on Unemployment: “Unemployment” refers to a condition when a skilled and talented individual seeks a job but he did not manage to get one. Today, no country is free from this issue. Wikipedia has listed 223 Countries with their respective unemployment rates.

As human beings, we are bound to some basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. We need money to fulfil these needs and hence a source of income becomes our necessity. But some factors raise the problem of being unemployed. Therefore, unemployment directly impacts the lives of individuals.

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Every next day newspapers publish articles about the problem of unemployment. It is an omnipresent issue around the globe. Reports show that with the growing population, the problem of unemployment is worsening. But only blaming the population growth is unfair because various other factors contribute to this crisis.

Causes of Unemployment

Many causes are observed that promote the issue of unemployment. The very first cause that always draws attention is the growing population. More population means high demand for employment which is not always possible to meet. Some other reasons for unemployment are slow economic growth, seasonal employment, lack of employers and industries etc.


The problem of unemployment directly impacts the lives of individuals in a country. It can lead to poverty in the country when people will not earn enough money to run their daily needs. If we count some other impacts that unemployment can create, there are various such as a rise the criminal activities, exploitation of labour, child labour, unstable political grounds, worsen mental health and loss of skills.

How to Reduce Unemployment

There are many ways to tackle the problem of unemployment. First of all, we need to educate the people of the country about family planning. Second thing, education must be promoted on all levels as education can eradicate the problem of lack of opportunities. Third, The government needs to install industries and small businesses that provide a considerable number of jobs to the people.


In conclusion, unemployment is a critical problem of the present era that needs to be tackled as soon as possible. It can lead to poverty and other social issues in society which will lead to the demise of the country. If we determine something to achieve, there is nothing impossible. So, government and authorities need to put proper efforts into the good future of the country.

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One day or another you might have heard about the problem of Unemployment. This problem is not only prevalent in our country but it has spread its root across the globe. Unemployment refers to a condition when a skilled and qualified individual seeks a job but unfortunately, he did not manage to get one.

Sometimes people get a job but these jobs offer them underemployment. Underemployment means when a person is bound to do a job which is not relevant to his qualification. Today, no country is free from this issue. Wikipedia has listed 223 Countries with their respective unemployment rates.

Causes of Unemployment

The universe works upon the law of cause and effect. If there is an effect, there must be a cause too. Similarly, unemployment is caused by many reasons listed below.

1. Population Growth-

The growing population tops the list when we talk about the reasons for unemployment. It is very simple to understand that when the population increases, the demand for employment also increases. But this demand is quite difficult to meet.

2. Slow Growth of the economy-

The slow growth of the economy causes unemployment because employers hesitate to hire people at that time to save their funds. The covid pandemic is a good example to understand this cause.

3. Fall in the cottage industry-

Cottage industries provide a considerable number of jobs. But due to some reason, there is been a fall in the cottage industry which cause unemployment.


The consequences of unemployment can be very severe. If things did not change soon then unemployment will become a major issue. Unemployment can cause an increase in poverty, an increase in criminal activities, exploitation of labour, an unstable political system, bad health of the nation and inefficient utilization of skills.

How To Reduce Unemployment

We know that if there is a problem, there is a solution too. We just need to infuse the required efforts to solve the problem. Some of the solutions to reduce unemployment are listed below.

1. More Manufacturing Units-

To generate more jobs, the country needs to attract more manufacturing hubs in the country. Currently, we are just assembling the gadgets. We need to deploy plants for self-manufacturing.

2. Making Individuals Self-Dependent

Gone are the days when being employed meant being an engineer or a doctor. A farmer is also an employed person. He produces the crops for his food and that of the others.

3. More Start-Ups

There is a need to start up and set up new indigenous businesses which can provide a huge number of jobs and economic growth for the country as well.


To sum it up, Our country is facing the peak of the problem of unemployment. There is a need to address the issue as soon as possible. Our government and authorities are continuously working to reduce the problem of unemployment. The biggest challenge is the growing population. So, we need to find a solution to the uncontrolled growth of the population.

Essay On Unemployment- Introduction


  1. What are the impacts of unemployment?

    Unemployment can lead to the following impacts-
    1. Poverty
    2. Increase in crime rate
    3. Inflation
    4. Slow growth of the Economy
    5. NPA’s

  2. How to counter the problem of unemployment?

    It is a problem that can only be addressed intellectually. People must find alternative sources of employment and income. They should learn new skills that help them acquire employment. The government must encourage start-ups, small, and medium enterprises to generate new jobs.

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