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Technology refers to techniques, systems, and tools that make any difficult task easy. These techniques, systems or tools have been developed using technical and scientific knowledge and observations. Here below are given some essays on technology in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 & 500 Words. Choose the best one for you.

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An Essay On Technology | 100, 150 Words

Technology means using scientific methods to do something.
Technology has changed our lives and the world also.
It helps us in saving our time and does the work very perfectly.
It can help us to do many difficult tasks in a very short time.
We can see the use of technology all around us in every place.
The washing machine in which we wash our clothes is an example of technology.
A washing machine makes it easy to wash clothes in a few minutes.

In the same way, we use smartphone, computers and laptops.
These are also examples of technology that we use for many purposes.
Technology makes our works easy and also makes our life comfortable.
The fan, the AC, the TV, Bikes and cars give us comfort in daily life.
But technology has also some harmful effects for all of us.
Using technology more than its need makes us addicted to it.
Also, Some people use technology to do bad of others.

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Short Essay On Technology | 200, 250, 300 Words | Class 6, 7 & 8

Essay On Technology Class 6, 7, And 8
Essay on Technology in 250+ Words

Introduction (Paragraph on Technology)

Technology Essay- Technology refers to techniques, systems, and tools that make any difficult task easy. These techniques, systems or tools have been developed using technical and scientific knowledge and observations. The main purpose of technology is to assist mankind in complex activities and jobs. Today we all are completely surrounded by technology. It has helped us increase our working potential. The technology has changed our lives and also changed the world.

Advantages of technology in life

It is surely right to say that regularly evolving technology is helping us in every field. It has made complex tasks easy and done in minutes. If we talk about our lives, we are surrounded by different technologies and a world without technology will draw us back hundreds of years back. From our domestic requirements to professional demands, it has made a place in about each area of mankind.

Disadvantages of Technology

As everything has two sides, Technology also has two sides- The positive and the negative. With the increase in the advancements in technology, we are now stocked in some harmful effects of technology. Use of technology in factories and industries is one of the main reasons for increasing pollution. At the other hand, it has promoted unemployment in the country. Moreover, Technology is limiting the creativity of the young one and forthcoming generations.

Technology- A Boon or Bane

“Technology is a boon or bane”. This is a debating topic for years. The level of a comfortable life we are living today is a result of technology but its negative effects can not be ignored. It is a reason for increasing pollution and pollution is itself very harmful to us. Plus, it has created a distance between people rather than connecting them. Most notable, it has taken away employment opportunities for workers class.

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In conclusion, technology has made our lives flexible and full of comfort. We are today surrounded by technology and it is impossible to imagine life without technology. But it has brought us many severe impacts on our life and environment. We need to take care of the environment while using them.

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Long Essay On Technology | 500 Words | Class 9, 10, 11 & 12

Essay On Technology Class 9, 10, 11, 12
Technology essay 500+ words

Main Headings of Essay on Technology

  1. Introduction
  2. The need for Technology
  3. Benefits of Technology
  4. Impacts of Technology
  5. Life without technology
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


Essay on Technology- Technology refers to when scientific knowledge and observations are used to create a tool that helps us do any work more easily and efficiently. In simple words, technology points to techniques, systems, and tools that make any complex task simple. In this modern era, we are completely surrounded by different types of technology. The use of technology has changed our way of living.

The technology was born when the fire was first discovered. Yes, it was. The technique to generate fire by rubbing two stones together is considered a technology. Today we keep the technology with us in our pockets. Smartphones, watches, earphones etc are results of technology.

The need for Technology

Someone has correctly said that the Necessity is the mother of invention. With the development of humanity, our needs were keep growing. Humans discovered ways to accomplish them but when the demand grew faster than supplies, there was a need to change these traditional ways and adopt something efficient that could deliver more work done in a short period of time.

Then experts and scientists began to develop technologies. Over time, more and more technologies got developed and turned complex tasks into the simplest one. We are now addicted to the use of technology, without technology we will go back hundreds of years.

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Benefits of Technology

Technology has brought countless benefits to humanity. It has made tasks very easy that used to be very complex and time-consuming. Most notably, it saves our time. We even need not monitor the machinery in today’s time. These technologies are now artificial intelligence-based that can manage different types of conditions.

Technology has made information easily accessible on our fingertips. Easy mobility is another advantage of developing technology. Technology has decreased the cost of manufacturing of products and makes them cost-effective. Modern technology has made it possible for the disabled to live a life like a normal human. Technology is also helping in high productivity and growth of business in workplaces.

It has created the learning process more interactive. Students can learn anything right from there home and teachers can evaluate the performance of their students by conducting tests online.

Impacts of Technology

Technology has put an immense impact on almost every area of society and the world. Technology has impacted the way people live, communicate, think and learn. But these impacts are neither good not bad but a mixture of both the sides. At one hand where technology has made our works easy. On the other hand, it has caused us addicted to it. In fact, technology is limiting the inner creativity of people.

Technology is also a reason for serious problems. With the advancements in the industrial area, The problem of pollution is rapidly increasing. Another problem is unemployment that has taken place. Most important, The increased use of technology is harming nature.

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Life without technology

Just think of a day when there is no technology on the planet. Will not be we driven back thousands of years back? We have been highly addicted to the use of technology. If it is snatched back from us, our life will be very difficult. We will have to struggle for everything to be done.

We have to adapt to traditional methods that require more energy and time. The virtual world of social media and the internet will no longer be available to help us. We will feel getting stuck in each of our tasks. Our life will turn into an adventure and full of complexities at the same time.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Today we are surrounded by technology. It has made our life very easy. Technology has gifted us the things we use in daily use. But at the same time, it brings some challenges for us to cop up with like pollution and unemployment.

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Faq’s- Essay on Technology

  1. What is technology in simple words?

    Technology is a scientific method to execute any work very efficiently. For example, A work that needs more manpower, technology make that demanding lesser manpower.

  2. How technology is important for us?

    Technology helps us do efficient work and saves our time. It has as important for the modern life as inhaling oxygen these days.

  3. How to write an essay on technology?

    To write an essay on technology, follow these steps:
    1. Start with an engaging introduction. You can start with a quote on technology or with a question
    2. In the body you can add subheadings
    3. Write about how technology changed the world
    4. Advantages of technology
    5. Disadvantages of technology
    6. At last, give a finishing touch by writing a conclusion.
    Now Essay on Technology is completed.

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