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Essay on Myself [Short & Long Examples]

Essay On Myself- To introduce yourself is quite an interesting task for someone. Many feel this task difficult whereas on the other hand, many find it a joyous activity. But one should have the ability to present itself excellently.

When we are asked to write an essay on ourselves, we discover unwrapped qualities of ourselves. It also contributes to increasing our confidence levels. We find our strengths and weaknesses as well.

Short Essay On Myself | 250 Words


Our planet Earth is full of creatures but only humans are the ones that possess the highest intellectual ability. Human beings can introduce themselves. Every person in the world is different from the rest of the world. So I, myself, am also a unique creation of nature.

Myself is Shivam Rathour, A citizen of New Delhi. I am an extrovert person by nature means my ability to make new friends is very high. I possess humorous behaviour. I believe in myself and this confidence is a gift from God. My father‘s name is H.L. Rathour and he is a businessman and my mother Smt. Suman Rathour is a housewife.

I study in one of the renowned schools in my city. I am the favourite student of all my teachers. All my teachers have always encouraged me to do something extraordinary in life. I am very thankful to my teachers and my family.

Essay on Myself | Introduction

My likes and hobbies

Mathematics and the English language are my favourite subjects. I score very good marks in these subjects. I also like sports. I play cricket, football and volleyball matches in the school’s playground.

Apart from all that, I like computer science. I learn coding programmes in computer languages. I want to learn about Robotics and ethical hacking in future.

My future goals

Since I have a great interest in computer science, I want to see myself as a computer engineer in future because the upcoming generation is the computer generation. I wish to introduce some new creative technologies that will create a change in the world.


To sum it up, These words are less to describe me. I am an ambitious person and want to achieve all the goals that I have set for myself. I am very thankful to my parents and my teachers to assist me at every step of my life. I only want to serve the people around me at my highest capacity.

Long Essay On Myself | 500 Words


Humans are the best creation of Nature. I am a human being, fortunately. This nature has provided me with the highest level of intelligence that no other creature is blessed with. On this planet, there are billions of people who live around us but every one of them is different and possesses unique qualities.

I, Shivam Rathour, am a resident of New Delhi, India. I belong to a middle-class family. My father, H. L. Rathour is a businessman and a humble person. My mother, Smt Suman Rathour is a housewife. My family is very supportive of me. No one grows in this world, without the care of family and friends.

About My Family

In my family, there are eight members. My grandparents, My parents, My two brothers and a sister. All my family members love one another very much. I learnt to respect time and resources. Moreover, My grandparents have taught me the value of honesty, humbleness, and commitment to the purpose.

Every day I spent a fraction of the time with my family and discuss my prospects. We all take dinner together and my father cracks some funny jokes. I am the elder among my siblings so I always try to guide my younger ones whenever there is a need. We all study in the same school.

My hobbies

I am an intense reader of novels and history magazines as I have a great interest in Indian History and traditional architecture. I like to read books that belong to the rich history and culture of ancient India.  When I was a child, I used to listen to tales from my grandmother, and this brings a long-lasting effect on me.

In parallel to my studies, I am also skilled in sports. so I am the captain of the football team of my class. I am the best football player at my school. Apart from that, I am also a fast runner and I like athletics. I am in expert swimming too.

My Strengths and Weaknesses

The opinion of my parents had a strong effect on my habits. I consider speaking the truth and try my best not to lie. My parents always told me that if I perform a mistake, I should accept it. I am a very adventuresome person too and like to take risks.

I like to do creative tasks besides doing traditional stuff again and again. Learning new things is one of my hobbies. I always keep myself updated with the news.

As every man possesses weaknesses, so hold also. I am a bit lazy in some spots which I do not like. While playing time, I pass a great fraction of time which is not a good habit, but I try my best to get rid of my weaknesses.

My Goals and Ambitions

Everyone has an ambition in life. Ambition or aim in life is the inner aspiration of someone. Without aim, No one can do anything in the world. So, Everyone should set their aim in life.

While several people have dreams of becoming doctors and engineers, I always wanted to become a traveller. I don’t remember when I started taking an interest in travelling, but over the years, my passion has increased drastically.

My parents always support my dreams and goals. According to them, the only way to fulfil all your dreams is to work very hard and never give up on them. They have never forced themselves and asked that any of their children become what they want us.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, All these words are always less to describe one’s personality but I surely know that wherever I am today is all because of my family, teachers and friends. I am going to be a great personality all because of the people around me. I will fulfil all my dreams.

Essay On Myself | Conclusion

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