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Today’s world is known as the Internet age. The Internet has changed the way people live. It has brought drastic changes in society. Below are given Many essays on the Internet in different word lengths like 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 words, Paragraphs, 10 lines. Choose the best one for you.

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An Essay On Internet | 10 Lines | Paragraph

INTERNET stands for Interconnected Network.
It is a network system that connects computers worldwide.
This network system is also called the World wide web (WWW).
Computers can transfer and share data with one another using the Internet.
Texts, Numbers, Photos, Videos etc. are called Data.
We can now use the Internet on smartphones, Tablets and Tv.
Everyone knows how to use the internet nowadays.
Internet helps us in our studies.
We can complete school projects with the help of the internet.
Now our teachers teach us on the internet that is called online class.

We can watch videos and movies on the internet.
We also play various games on the internet.
We use social media like Facebook, Whatsapp with the help of the internet.
Internet helps us to get connected with friends and loved ones.
We can talk to anyone in the world using the internet.
Internet is a very popular and fast-growing technology.

An Engaging Essay On Internet | In 200, 300 words | For Class 6th, 7th, And 8th

Essay on Internet


Essay on INTERNET: We can’t ignore the fact that The internet is one of the biggest tools present in our lives today. Using the Internet we can connect to anyone in the world. It has ended the limitations of distance. Nowadays, Every age group is spending a little bit of time using the internet daily. Of course, it is full of benefits but also it has a negative side. Did anyone of us ever think about how the internet is impacting our lives?

Advantages of internet

The internet has countless advantages for us. The Internet has enabled us to access worldwide things. We can easily connect to anyone in the world within seconds. Using social media, it is now easy to keep us updated about the happenings in the lives of our friends and loved ones. We can shop for anything without stepping out of the house. Whatever information one need, is available on the internet. Also, We can study from home and Work from home.

Disadvantages of internet

Apart from the advantages, the Internet has a dark side too. Students and people spend too much time on the internet for no reason at all. Spending too much time on the internet is not good for students because it impacts studies and health. Many people become the victim of online bank fraud and different types of cybercrime. According to a study, children are losing their ability to talk fluently face to face because of virtual contact habits. People are becoming addicted to it which is not a good signal.


In conclusion, anything in the world is neither only good nor only bad. The same goes for internet technology. It completely depends upon the user how he or she is using it. It has impacted human lives and the whole world at a great level. It has made our lives more comfortable. But some bad people use it to harm others.

essay on internet 100, 150, 200 words

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A long Essay On Internet | In 500, 600 Words | For Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Essay on Internet

Main Headings of Essay on Internet

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of Internet
  3. The positive side
  4. The negative side
  5. Impacts of the Internet
  6. Final Words ( Conclusion )


This is an era of the internet and smart devices. Also, we can call it the era of information. Whatever we need to know, we can get information about it in seconds. Internet is the most widely used tool by everyone be it a youngster of elder. The full form of the INTERNET is an Interconnected Network that connects millions of computers across the globe.

The youth is primarily one of the most dominant users of the internet. It is like a library that provides us with a huge ocean of knowledge. But this knowledge is not always true and factual. Sometimes it misleads us with fake rumours and news.

Importance of Internet

Nowadays, the Internet has become a vital part of everyone’s life. It is a very convenient and easy to use medium to access information, provide knowledge and interact with anyone. Teachers and students can be connected to each other making great use of the internet to take the benefit of their learning and teaching.

Further, In today’s rush lives, It is difficult to visit friends and relatives frequently. The internet provides a platform to get connected with our friends and loved ones. Plus, it saves our travelling time when we study from home, Shopping from home and working from home. We can utilize that time in something productive.

The positive side

The internet is full of positive advantages for us. firstly, We can communicate virtually with anyone in any corner of the world. Secondly, We can access a bundle of knowledge with some simple clicks. Students are most benefitted from this knowledge. They can learn different new skills and can unravel the latent talent inside.

Thirdly, It keeps us updated every minute about the happenings in the world where the newspaper provides the news after some hours. And the fourth benefit, It enables us doing various activities like study, shopping, banking, paying bills, booking domestic essentials without stepping out of the house. This list goes on and on endlessly.

The negative side

Apart from the advantages of the internet, It has a negative side that is becoming scary day by day. People are growing addicted to it and using it more than normal. As students are the most dominant users of the internet. It is impacting their studies and psychological health too. Many physicists accept that using the internet more than normal is the most influential cause of depression and anxiety.

Moreover, the number of cybercrime is growing very fast with the growing use of the internet. Hackers hack the personal data of individuals and blackmail them. Apart from this, Online banking fraud is a medium of cybercrime where cybercriminals steal the money of individuals.

Impacts of Internet

The Internet is impacting our lives both ways, in a positive and a negative way. It has made our life more comfortable and cosy. but at the same time, it has created a lot of difficulties. The Internet has helped every field be it the education sector, business sector or any industry.

With the help of the internet, keeping documents, plans, and presentations have become portable for the corporate world. With the upcoming generation of the internet, Doctors will be able to treat patients from a long distance. They will even be able to execute surgeries. We could be able to experience a virtual world more deeply.

Final Words ( Conclusion )

To sum it up, there is no doubt that the internet has made our life easier and comfortable but we can’t neglect the fact that it has created many bigger problems in the past. And with the speed, we are growing addict to it a day in will come when it will convert into a basic need.

essay on internet 500, 300 words

Faq’s- Essay on Internet

  1. What in Internet?

    INTERNET stands for Interconnected Network. It is a network system that connects millions of computers worldwide enabling each other to share data with one another.

  2. Who invented internet?

     Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn are Known as the inventor of the internet.

  3. When was internet invented?

    The first prototype of the Internet was invented in the late 1960s known as ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

  4. What is the full form of internet?

    INTERNET stands for Interconnected Network. But various websites have published their variation of the full form of the internet.

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