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Sports is a vital activity for human beings. It helps in strengthening the muscles and keep the body fit. Sports is the only thing that has no side effects. Here below are given 3 Different essays on sports and games and their importance in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 & 500 Words. Choose the best one for you.

Essay on Sports | 100, 150 Words

Sports is an important activity for human beings. It helps in strengthening the muscles and keep the body fit. It also helps in mental health growth. Apart from physical and mental health, it makes us active and our senses alerted. A person involved in sports is much more active than that of a person who has no interest in sports.

There are countless benefits of sports. Researches suggest that sports can stretch the life expectancy of humans. Furthermore, a person who practises sports is less likely to expose to diseases and physical problems. Also, it helps to increase stamina and immunity of a person. Sports is the only thing that has no side effects.

Sports is such an activity that everyone can perform of any age and gender. In fact, sports and games are made compulsory for many schools. Same as eating healthy food, doing exercise daily, sport is also counted in one of the healthy activities of life.

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Short Essay On Sports and Games | 200, 250, 300 Words | Class 6, 7 & 8

A+ Essay on Sports and its importance
Essay on Sport in 250+ Words


Importance of Sports and Games Essay- Everyone wants a super healthy and illness free life. It is not really tough to achieve excellent health. There are some beneficial habits and activities that can grant us good health and comfortable life. Sports is counted as one of these activities. Many don’t have much interest in sports and games. But it is a fact that sports leave a magical effect on one’s physique. In fact, it can stretch the life expectancy of humans.

My favourite sport Badminton

When it comes to sports, I like many games like cricket, basketball, football, hockey but badminton is my favourite sport. I am practising badminton since I was only 8 years old. Everyone in my school calls me a badminton champion because I won the badminton sports competition for three consecutive years in school. I practice this sport daily after the morning walk. It fills me with limitless energy for the day.

Value of sports Essay

Sport and games hold unusual significance and value in human life. Everyone knows that it owns infinite benefits for our physical and mental health. Sports sparks a sense of activeness and alertness. Moreover, it helps us strengthen stamina and immunity that prevent sickness. Apart from bodily benefits, sports develop a sense of teamwork and connect us to other people easily.

Sports Day Celebration In Our School

Sport is a vital part of schooling. It is considered one of the important activities in school education. And sports day is an event that brings us opportunities to show our hidden talent and win prizes and awards. My school also organises sports competitions on sports day. No educational activity takes place this day. Sports day is full of fun, excitement and suspense for the students and teachers.

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In conclusion, sports is one of the most beneficial activities that one should pursue in his life. It helps body functions to work properly and efficiently. It is a medium to achieve a state of a healthy body and an active brain. Without sports and games, there is no fun in school life. So, it should be made mandatory for schools.

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Long Essay On Sports and games | 500 Words | For Class 9, 10, 11 & 12

A+ Essay on Sports importance in students life
Sports Essay in 500+ Words

Main Headings of Essay on Sports and Games

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of sports in students life
  3. Benefits of sports and games
  4. Sports culture in India
  5. Negative sides of sports
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


Essay on sports and games- Sports has always been a part of our society. It is full of benefits and enjoyments for one who is involved in sports activities. Sport is a tool that can fetch us a healthy body and fit mental conditions. It also keeps us active and helps our senses to be alerted.

So, sports benefits us in multiple folds. A sportsperson is less likely to expose to diseases than a normal person. In fact, sports can help individuals to extend their life span. One can easily adopt sports in their life and get the treasure of benefits gifted by it.

Importance of sports in students life

School life is one of the good experiences of a person. As a student, one needs to create a balance between their physical and mental health. Sports can help student doing so. Sports should be made compulsory by the school as it holds equal significance as education. Multiple types of activities are needed for students to develop a good personality.

Many students are hidden gems of sports and they can become the best sportsperson. They are good at sports but not at study. Teachers and parents think it to be a bad thing but in reality, it is just opposite. One can make his career in his interest.

Benefits of Sports Essay

Sports has countless benefits for humans. First of all, sports help in maintaining physical and mental health. It strengthens our muscles and makes our bones strong. Because of physical activity, we consume a lot of oxygen that makes the lungs fit. Our immunity gets a boost and inner body parts work efficiently.

Moreover, sports develop self-confidence to talk and interact with people. This habit helps in improving our communication skills. Apart from this, it enhances the sitting, standing and walking style of a person. In other words, sports help to improve overall body language. Hence, Sports raises the social life of a person.

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Sports culture in India

Many Indians are very passionate about sports. Their morning starts with playing their favourite game. Cricket is the most popular sports in every corner of India. One can easily find youngsters playing cricket in the streets and grounds of the cities. But apart from cricket, a lot of other games hold equal value in India.

Unfortunately, it is believed that sports have no value as a career. But a sportsperson knows the real value of it. The saying goes- “there is a will, there is a way”. The one who is deeply passionate about anything can pave their own way.

Negative sides of sports

As everything has, sports also possess some negative aspects. The first negative side of sports is- it takes a lot of valuable time that could be used in doing something productive and creative. The one who has a busy schedule need to take out time for it. Another thing that is counted as a con is- it can be dangerous while playing without wearing the proper protection.

Furthermore, it requires a lot of energy. So, one need to take balanced food with all the nutritional values and proper rest and sleep. One should not play sports in the conditions of sickness or a low level of energy. It can worsen health.

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Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Sports is a paramount aspect of life. It improves the quality of human life. Sports can bring a bunch of advantages for youth, including physical and mental health. Sport increases people’s physical, social, and organizational abilities. Schools must make it compulsory because it is as important as education.

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Faq’s- Essay on Sports and Games

  1. When is Sports Day is observed?

    National sports day is celebrated in India on 29th August.

  2. What is value of sports and games in life?

    Sports holds a very huge value in life. It can help us live a healthy life. It also enhances our social behaviour and gives us a sense of right communication skill.

  3. How to write an essay on sports and games and its importance in life?

    Follow these steps to write an essay on sports and games and their importance in life-
    1. Start with an engaging introduction
    2. Think of some subheadings for the body
    3. Structure the headings in a flow
    4. Write the body part of each heading
    5. At last, give a conclusion with a finishing touch.
    This Way, you will complete your Essay on Sports and Games.

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