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Essay on My Father [Short & Long]

Essay On My Father- The greatest gift I ever had, Came from God, I call him Dad!! My father is my hero and I consider him the world’s awesome father. He possesses many qualities that one should have to become a perfect father.

Everyone in society talks about only mothers’ love But fathers’ love is neglected because they are less capable of expressing their love. A father in the family is like a pillar of a building that gives support to every corner of the building.

short Essay On My Father | 250 Words


Father’s love and affection are less noticed and less discussed. Everyone just talks about the mother’s love and affection. But the father also holds a special significance in a child’s upbringing and care. One of the greatest gifts from God is My father.

The name of my father is Mr Harsh Gupta. He is a very intelligent person. He is an entrepreneur by profession. He is very hardworking and also very punctual towards his professional life.

Essay On My Father | Introduction

Why Fathers are so special!

Everyone says that “My father is best in the world”, so I do. But these are not just the words I utter for him, This is my perspective of him. Moreover, my opinion is not that he takes care of me but I am impacted by his personality and attitude.

My father is the one who always maintains a balance in every aspect of life. One of his qualities that creates a deep impact on me is valuing time. He always advises me not to waste time saying that it is the most valuable thing in the world.

Why I like him

Every son or daughter surely likes his or her father. But I like my father for his extraordinary point of view. The way he perceives the world is very strange. He even brings something positive in any negative circumstances.

Plus, he solves all my doubts in a way that I never need to raise a question for that doubt again. My father is also very good at mathematics. He helps me in solving mathematics problems whenever he is free from his work.


To sum up these words, Fathers are the strength of their children. They are one of the people that impact children’s personalities. My father also has all the qualities that should one human being possess. He is a real-life superhero for me. He always takes care of his family and also manages his professional life efficiently. I want to become like my father.

Long Essay On My Father | 500 Words


A father is sometimes loving and sometimes tough. But whatever his behaviour is, he always supports us at every corner of life. Fathers’ love and affection are less expressed but it does not mean that they don’t care for us. A father remembers and fulfils every need of their children before asking.

My father’s name is Mr Saurav Trivedi. He is a hardcore business person. I get astonished to see my father that how manage all the aspects of life intelligently. He always taught me to be disciplined every work. Moreover, his behaviour is exceptional. He treats everyone equally without judging anyone. Also, he is an animal lover.

Importance of fathers

We are a continuation of our father. Fathers are among those people who impact the lives of children at a notable level. Fathers help children to develop attractive personalities. They protect us from the evil of society. They inspire us to do something extraordinary in life. My father often instructs me on how to face problems.

Fathers are the source of inspiration, motivation and love. Additionally, they support us in difficult situations and demonstrate the right direction. More notable, We are recognised by the name of our father. But fathers feel more proud when they get recognised by their children’s names.

Qualities of My Father

One of the qualities of my father that inspires me is to be humble towards every living being. He is a very kind and loving person but at the same time, he possesses a strict nature. My father has been a punctual and regular character in his professional life. he always values time and teaches me the same.

Furthermore, he has a jolly nature and always makes my family laugh with his ridiculousness. I cherish this stupid side of him. My Father always tries to fulfil all our dreams but also sustains strictness when the need occurs.

What makes My Father so special

My father has an eternal love for animals which causes him very sensitive towards them. He follows his religion devotedly and is very generous too. I have never seen my father behaving evilly with his seniors in my whole life which causes me to want to become like him even more.

My father has explained to me the meaning of love in the form of a flower he gifts to my mother every day. This regularity and love inspire all of us to treat everyone the same way. All my understanding of sports and media, I have acquired from my father. It is one of the single reasons why I want to be an athlete in the future.

Why I want to become like him

One of the greatest things I like about my father is that he has always retained a very safe and spacious home environment. For example, my siblings and I can discuss anything with him without the worry of being punished or judged. This has assisted us not to lie, which I have usually seen with my friends.

I can boastfully say that it is my father that has been my root of motivation from day one. In other words, his attitude and character together have developed me as a person. Likewise, he has a big influence on the world as well in his small ways. He gives his available time to take care of stray animals which motivates me to do the same.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In the end, My father has all the qualities that A human being should equip with. He has always been and will be an inspiration for me. My father made me believe in myself. I always want to become like my father. I feel fortunate enough to have my father and I am proud of him. I dream about a day when my father is proud of me.

Essay On My Father | Conclusion


  1. Why are fathers important?

    Fathers are very important for the right upbringing and care for the child. They are the ones who understand every need of their child and try to fulfil them.

  2. How do I write an essay on My Father?

    You can write an essay on My Father very easily in simple steps.
    1. Create a List of headings.
    2. Brainstorm and Outline.
    3. Think about the structure of the essay.
    4. Write it down carefully.
    5. Use a positive tone.
    Write down in a structured way.

  3. When is Father’s Day observed in India?

    Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June month every year.

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