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Essay On Computer- The computer is an amazing invention that has changed the world at an extraordinary level. It possesses the capability to solve highly complex calculations in seconds. With the development of computers, our life is being more comfortable and easy continuously.

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The computer is a great invention of modern technology. This is an awesome machine that can solve complex calculations in seconds. It is very reliable as it is an error-free machine. If there is an error in the results, it means the input had an error.

Computers bring the world to new heights of technology. Today, the Computer is used almost in every field because of its uncountable benefits.

Essay On Computer | Introduction

How computers changed the World

With the development of computers, our life is being more comfortable and easy continuously. In hospitals, computers made treatments easy and fast. So computers are indirectly saving lives. In offices, It is used to make files and documents without using any stationary.

This helps us save our natural resources like trees. Also, it is used in the field of defence of any country to detect threats of the future.

They help in agriculture by weather forecasting. Farmers can take steps according to weather conditions if they are informed before any changes in the weather. Research is also going on to make agriculture automated with the help of computers.

Misuses of computers

Although the computer is a very helpful machine, at the same time it can be used as a harmful weapon. Cybercrime is a perfect example of it. Hackers can steal useful information using computers. Also, the Common man is a victim of CYBER crimes.

They can make anyone’s bank account empty in seconds. This is simply called online bank fraud. Furthermore, computers are used to create harmful viruses.


To sum it up, If we look at any of the fields, we find that computers have made it work efficiently. Today we are using smart things like smartphones, smartwatches, and smart home devices. These inventions were not possible without computers. The computer helped humanity to achieve progress at every step.

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Long Essay On Computer | 500 Words


Today’s generation is known as the computer age or digital age. Nowadays, computers have become a part of life in almost every area. With the increased use of computers, our life is growing more comfortable and convenient. It has helped us in various fields be it the medical field, Agriculture, or technology.

All the office works are now digital. It means there is no use for stacks of papers and the obstacles of getting them back. All this is now possible with a click of a mouse. Apart from it, we are saving our trees and other resources by using computers to create files and documents.

Importance of computer

Computers hold the ability to do work errors freely and fast. So, tasks that used to require more people now can be easily handled by a few people. Plus, Computers can solve complex problems in less time than a human with accurate results. This saves our time and time is the most valuable asset.

Computers are more important to the development of other technologies. Everything around us is a developed version of the previous one. This development is a result of R&D using computers. R&D ( research and development) without computers will become very time taking.

Advantages of Computer

The computer has countless advantages. First, it saves our time as it can perform complex operations in very little time. When we have to do any task in the given time, it is very helpful. Second, The work done by a computer is more error-free than by a human. We get an accurate result within time.

The third is its memory power. Humans can forget things easily but computers do not. They keep every data safe and we can fetch the data effortlessly. Fourth, It can work continuously without getting tired. So, we can get more work done in less time.

Its use in different fields

As the practice of computers increased it became a requirement for almost every area. Also, they have made working and arranging things more accessible. Let us see the uses of computers in various fields.

1️⃣ Medical Field

In the medical field, computers are used to diagnose diseases, run tests, and arrange cures for dangerous diseases.

2️⃣ Agriculture field

In the agriculture field, There are various obstacles for our farmers to grow healthy crops. Computers are used to analyse the quality of mud and provide help accordingly.

3️⃣ Research Field

Be it scientific research, space research or any field of research, computers aid in each of them. Further, due to them, we are capable to keep an eye on the atmosphere, space, and nation.

4️⃣ Defense Field

To ensure the security of the country, Every nation deploys defence agencies. They work with the help of a computerised mechanism to check if there is a threat to the country. If any are found, They start finding a proper solution for it.

Disadvantages of computer

Using a computer can cause you bodily weak and tired. Performing extra useless activities on computers is nothing but a waste of time. Using computers for a long time is bad for blood flow and it can become worse due to fewer physical actions.

Computers have become a requirement, and they have become a threat as well. This is because of the increased practice of hacking, resulting in the stealing of your data. Apart from that, there are many other online frauds taking place.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In conclusion, the Computer is the greatest invention of humanity. It has taken us to new heights of living. But if it is misused, it can bring great losses. It was invented to make use of humans, but it will become a demon if it is used the opposite way. It is the most powerful tool that can be used for good and evil as well.

Essay On Computer | Conclusion

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