Essay On Health Is Wealth

Essay On Health Is Wealth [Short & Long]

Essay On Health Is Wealth: Health is wealth. This is not only a sentence of three words. It holds a vast meaning inside. Health is the first step towards success in any field.

To get a healthy life, one should make some changes to his life. These changes can be your eating habits, your sleeping patterns and also some tweaks to your lifestyle. For your physical health, you should take a balanced diet that is full of nutrients.

Short Essay On Health Is Wealth | 250 Words


“Health is wealth”. This proverb is heard by almost everyone. This is not a line but a factual proverb. Without health, a wealthy person is also poor because he can not enjoy his life to the fullest. We must always keep in mind that health has a greater value than money.

An unhealthy person’s money and talent will go to waste. Obtaining good health is not too difficult. If we take care of our health by following some methods, we will surely get good health. We should take a balanced diet full of nutrients and develop a habit of exercising daily.

Essay On Health Is Wealth | Introduction

What is a healthy life?

A healthy life is when someone feels good and active from inside and outside. You may feel healthy but can turn out to be the exact opposite. Being healthy is not about being physically healthy. Your mental health is also a part of it. When you are not able to concentrate on things despite a healthy body, it demonstrates your poor mental health.

How to get a healthy life

To get a healthy life, one should make some changes to his life. These changes can be your eating habits, your sleeping patterns and also some tweaks to your lifestyle. For your physical health, you should take a balanced diet that is full of nutrients. Also, physical activities like running, Walking, Exercising and outdoor games are helpful.

Apart from your physical health, Your mental health requires some essentials. Proper and good sleep is very important to be mentally fit. Also, mental exercises like puzzles and riddles make you mentally healthy.


A healthy person is more likely to achieve all his goals because he can effortlessly concentrate on his goal and possesses all the energy to accomplish them. This is the basis that the saying “Health is wealth” holds a huge weight. I wish all the living beings on this planet attain great health.

Long Essay On Health Is Wealth | 500 Words


Life is about maintaining a balance between some basic aspects of life. One of these aspects is Health. Good health is a sign of being wealthy instead of ownership of quantities of money. That is why there is a proverb in the literature that Health is wealth.

Health is like time, we value it after losing it. We can not bring time back again but here is a good thing we can regain health with some effort. Health is wealth means that health is a priceless treasure instead of money or ownership of worldly things. This is real. Without health, there is no use for money.

Importance of health

Good health is wealth that everyone wants but only a few can afford. This point itself affirms the value of a healthy lifestyle. When a person attains a healthy lifestyle, he/she becomes free from the stress of seeking medical care now and then.

Furthermore, a healthy lifestyle will drive you to act better in life and cause you to obtain higher targets. It normally happens that people who are very rich in terms of money usually lack a healthy life. This just shows that all the wealth in the world will do you no good if there is a deficiency in a healthy lifestyle.

Health is wealth

Health is wealth” is a well-known proverb by all. This is not merely a proverb, it is a secret of living a happy life. There is no use of someone’s talent and skills until and unless he or she is healthy. All the wealth on the planet can’t make you healthy but good health can make you capable of achieving all wealth and prosperity.

Is not the line said previously worth any value? Now, this is up to the person how one defines real wealth. One can neither enjoy life nor money with a sick body. So it is a proven fact that health is wealth.

Benefits of good health

There are uncountable benefits of having good health. first of all, in the presence of good health, A man enjoys his life more deeply. Apart from that, good health gives you a sense of immeasurable satisfaction. You must have known the fact that our health affects our mood and psychological conditions. This proves that health is wealth.

“Precaution is better than cure”. This is the advice given by doctors. And if you maintain good health, it means you are following that advice and you will escape all your future medical expenses. Indirectly, is not “health is wealth”?

Guide to attaining good health

If you want to get a healthy lifestyle, you will surely have to execute some changes in your daily life. Keeping a healthy lifestyle requires regular habits and discipline. There are many great habits you can choose like exercising daily which will sustain your physical fitness. It also influences your psychic health as when your look enhances, your self-confidence will automatically get increase.

Moreover, it will stop obesity and help you consume excess fat from your body. Next, a balanced diet holds great significance. When you intake proper quantities of nutrition, vitamins, carbs, proteins, calories and more, your immune system gets strengthened. This helps you fight illnesses effectively.

Above all, sanitation plays a vital role in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Your balanced diet and daily exercise will be useless if you exist in an unsanitary environment. One needs always keep sanitation in their surroundings to bypass the risk of being exposed to contagious diseases.

Final Words

To sum it up, healthy life is the most unusual blessing that should not be taken for sure. It is the root of all happiness. Using money one can buy all the luxuries of the world but a healthy life can’t be bought with money. Good health enables you to live a happy life, Achieve your goals and escape all the medical expenses.

Essay On Health Is Wealth | Conclusion


  1. What are the signs of good health?

    Good health consists of good physical and mental conditions free from any type of disease. A healthy man can feel it within.

  2. How is good health beneficial?

    Good health has numerous benefits. It enables you to live a happy life, Achieve your goals and escape all the medical expenses.

  3. How to write an essay on “health is wealth”?

    Here are some tips to write a winsome essay on health is wealth.
    1. First of all, Write an engaging intro using some hooks like proverbs and idioms
    2. Now brainstorm about the main points to be discussed in the middle body
    3. You can choose some headings to use in the middle section
    4. Use a positive tone while writing
    5. Be very careful about the structure of your essay
    6. At last, Write a conclusion.
    Your Essay on Health is Wealth is complete.

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