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Essay On Travelling: The universe is so colourful and full of wonders. In the same way, our earth is also full of wonders and joyful experiences. Every country in the world has its own culture, custom, language and lifestyle.

Even people living in different parts of the country display remarkable differences in their clothing, food, dialects and many others. This gives us a chance to explore a different way of looking at things. This makes travelling not only a source of delight but also a source of knowledge and education.

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Short Essay On Travelling | 200-300 Words

Travelling refers to the movement from one place to other. It is one of the most important activities to run our life. People travel almost daily for different purposes such as education, job, business, vacation, as a hobby or exploring new experiences.

Most noteworthy, some people love travelling to such an extent that drives them to pursue a career in the field of travelling. Believe it or not, travelling is an amazing way to learn a number of things. You can learn a new thing with each visited place.

One can explore various views of nature’s beauty as nature reveals its beauty differently in diverse parts of the world. Also, we can get to know about different cultures, traditions, clothing, living style, food, technology and many more things that we don’t know exists.

Other Than This, travelling can be helpful in fine-tuning our flaws and we can discover a better way of living life. In fact, a country can positively redefine its culture by adopting the best practices from other countries. This way we can make a different and optimistic world.

Nowadays, travelling is not limited to the earth only. We can also travel into or through outer space which is called space travel. Even if not everyone can do space travel currently due to the expensiveness but it will become cheap very soon. Most importantly, we will be able to travel to the mars in next few years.

At last, travelling is not only a source of delight but also an ocean of learning. Someone has said that never stop learning and travel gives you the chance to make this happen. The best thing about travelling is it also gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and do something adventurous.

Essay On Travelling - Short

Long Essay On Travelling With Headings | 400-500 Words

Main Heading of Essay On Travelling

  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages of Travelling
  3. Travelling As An Education
  4. My First Trip Abroad
  5. Good & Bad Experiences
  6. Conclusion


Some people are passionate about having things and others are about having experiences. Travelling fulfils the second one. It drags you out of your comfort zone and plunges you into the unknown. It can give the happiness and joy that sometimes a luxurious life won’t offer.

Travelling refers to the movement from one place to other. It gives you an opportunity to explore distinct shades of natural beauty. Also, we can get to know about different cultures, traditions, clothing, living style, food, technology and many more things that we don’t know exists.

Advantages of Travelling

There are various advantages of travelling. First of all, you get out of your comfort zone to face the real world as it is. You gather new experiences of the world. Some might be good while some might be bad. Thus, you also get to understand how to deal with them.

Second, you get a chance to feel nature at a deeper level and see its different attires. One can not witness all the shades of natural beauty without travelling to other places. Due to the geographical positioning, every region of the world is unique and you get a chance to notice this uniqueness.

Third, you meet a lot of new people and you get the opportunity to make new friends. It may be a fellow tourist or the local you asked for directions. Most noteworthy, you can keep in touch with new friends with the help of social media.

Travelling As An Education

If you are a good observer, everything you come across can educate you. In the same way, travelling can play a role in educating you. In fact, travelling can teach you lessons that sometimes your books can not.

For example, children can learn traffic rules more practically when they observe the happening on the traffic signals. One of the best lessons that travelling can educate is good communication. When you travel to different places you meet multiple personalities to communicate. This way your communication improves.

Apart from this, you get to understand about different personalities and how to deal with them. This is no less than practical psychology. Other Than This, travelling can be helpful in fine-tuning our flaws and we can discover a better way of living life.

My First Trip Abroad

I am very passionate about travelling and exploring the hidden experiences of the world. I can not forget the first trip abroad because it is bundled with some beautiful memories. It was a trip to Switzerland. As it was my first trip abroad, I was very excited.

Switzerland is a small mountainous country located in central Europe between France and Italy. It is famous for the mesmerising beauty of snow-covered mountains. To be honest, I was completely blown away by how beautiful, organized and clean the country is.

Aside from the cities which were both pleasant and attractive, I was extremely fascinated with the landscape. It looks so beautiful, it seemed like a scene came out of the picture.

It’s also a country that is completely opposite to my own and to see how it is nicely organized and how everything functions so well, made me wish I could live there. I wish to visit here again and again.


To sum it up, travelling is a blessing to us when you realise that most living beings can not travel far away but humans can. Travelling broadens your mindset and makes you humble and more sensitive towards other cultures. One should definitely travel to different cities, states and countries. No matter how your travelling experience was, good or bad, you will definitely from them.

Essay On Travelling - Advantages

Faq’s- Essay On Travelling

  1. What are the advantages of travelling?

    Travelling offers you a lot of advantages. First, you get a chance to explore the beauty of nature that can be revealed at your local residence. Second, you make new friends. Third, you experience new adventures like sky diving, scuba diving etc.

  2. Can you make a career in the Travelling field?

    Yes, with the growth in the travelling field, there are various opportunities to make a career. You can become an Air cabin crew, Holiday representative, Tour manager, Tourism officer, Tourist information centre manager, Travel agency manager etc.

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