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Essay On Information Technology: Information technology has changed the way of living of the entire humanity. Basically, Information Technology refers to the use of electronic gadgets like computers, smartphones and tablets to send, receive and store information.

Thanks to I.T. (Information Technology) which has made information accessible to everyone. With the help of Information Technology, today anyone can acquire knowledge almost of each type from various sources. In fact, It has reduced the distance between two people sitting far from each other.


The term “Information technology” or “I.T.” is made up of two terms. Information and technology. We understand both terms well. Information is knowledge & data and technology is the methodology involved. In short, Information technology is a method of storing, sharing and receiving information using electronic equipment. These types of equipment can be computers, laptops, radios, television, various software and video conferencing.

The Internet, which has brought a drastic change in the way people acquire knowledge, is also a gift of Information Technology. Today, we are just one click away from any kind of information and knowledge with the use of the Internet.


As discussed above, the Internet has impacted the lives of the common man making information accessible and affordable. Work from home is made possible because of this information technology. Students can attend classes from their homes with the help of it.

Information Technology has not only changed the life of normal people but also has helped offices and organisations. Earlier, offices were stacked with a bunch of files and finding some specific data was way hard because of an unorganised way of storing data.

But with the help of some software, it has now become as easy as turning on a fan. Most noteworthy, there is no need to send files through postal services which take at least 5-6 working days. you can send any or many files in a duration of a few seconds.


If we talk about the advantages of Information Technology, it has multiple benefits for all. In fact, we can not say a complete number because it keeps evolving and present us with new benefits. You can’t even know about the many benefits you are taking advantage of. For example, A.TM. Cards, Adhar cards, Smart cards, UPI, FasTag etc. are the latest technologies of Information Technology.

Time is the most valuable thing on the planet and these new technologies save our precious time. We can list the advantages of Information Technology:

  • Access to Information
  • Saves Time
  • Saves natural resources
  • Ease of mobility
  • Better communication
  • Cost efficient
  • Offers new jobs
  • Improved Banking
  • Globalization
  • Better Communication
  • Learning made easy
  • Reduced distance
  • Entertainment


Nothing in this world exists without disadvantages. Information technology has also various disadvantages. On the one hand, where I.T. offers new job opportunities, on the other hand, it had snatched the jobs of many people. If we talk about the vulnerability of security, Information technology is not secure enough.

This is why the number of cyber crimes is growing day by day. Each day we see a new method of online fraud. Data is stored in digital form, so it is more prone to be copied and shared easily. This way ownership of data is not verifiable.

Correctness of information is also a disadvantage of this technology because the knowledge and information accessed can not be verified if it is from a reliable source.


To sum it up, we can say that Information technology is both beneficial and harmful at the same time. It is obvious that Information Technology offers us manyfold benefits but data privacy is always at stake. It totally depends on the user how carefully and intelligently he or she is using this technology.

Essay on information technology

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