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Essay On Online Shopping: The present era is moving from traditional shopping to online shopping. Various factors drive people to shop online instead of shopping offline. Now it has become a trend among people, especially among youth. Sometimes they buy things to check product quality.

Offline shopping or online shopping, which one of the two is best? Well, answering this needs a lot of brainstorming. Both shopping methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, we can not declare one of them to be superb or the worst.

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Online shopping is one of the wonders of science that offers us a new experience of shopping. It refers to the method of buying products and services using Internet technology. We just need a smartphone or computer and we can shop online 24X7. It offers you some exceptional perks that traditional shopping can not.

Even, It has so influenced traditional businesses, markets and shops that they are also shifting towards online channels. The trend of online shopping is continuously growing. The key factor that gives it a boost is the increasing use of the Internet, social media and information technology.


There are multiple benefits of online shopping. People can shop from anywhere and at any time. Online shopping offers various advantages such as convenience, lower prices and better product selection etc. One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is it saves time and helps you with time management.

Moreover, online shopping gives you an opportunity to choose your product among thousands of variations, varieties and styles which is not possible in traditional shopping. Most noteworthy, Online stores tend to provide a more detailed description of products than you get in a physical store. This helps you choose a better product.


Even if online shopping is convenient and hassle-free, there are many drawbacks to it. First, you can not feel the product at the time of shopping. Second, sometimes the product is different from the one displayed in the online store. Third, sometimes you get the wrong product or a damaged one.

Fourth, replacing the product will drive you nuts as it is a time taking process. It is quite frustrating when you do not get the product at the desired time. And the fifth one is a disheartening disadvantage of online shopping, you will miss out on the joy of shopping with your family and friends.


We know that online shopping has its own pros and cons. Then some question arises in the mind such as “Is online shopping good or bad?” and “which one is better traditional shopping or online shopping?”. To be honest, these questions do not worth asking. Why?

Because both shopping methods are different and unique. Offline shopping gives you an opportunity to feel the products and compare them but you can not get this while shopping online. Also, you get the product instantly.

On the other hand, online shopping offers you to shop 24×7 and even on the holidays which is not possible in traditional shopping. Thus, Both of them deliver distinct experiences. So, it is up to the consumers which method satisfies them.


To sum it up, Online shopping is an interesting way of exploring various products with variations and varied prices in one place. But it also has some drawbacks that make it a frustrating process. We can say that online shopping is a good method of shopping but we can not declare it the best one due to the flaws tied to it.

Essay On Online Shopping- Advantages
Essay on Online Shopping

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