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Essay on Father’s Day [Short & Long]

Essay On Father’s Day- Fathers are special but they are less appreciated. Their love goes unnoticed Because they don’t express their feelings as mothers do. But every child knows how much their father loves him/her.

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Short Essay On Father’s Day | 250 Words


Father’s Day is a Day in the calendar when children gift their fathers a special thing, love. But what about the rest days of the year? Don’t we love our father those days? Of course, we do. But Father’s Day holds a special significance for the children.

Everyone in society talks about only mothers’ love But fathers’ love is neglected because they are less capable of expressing their love. Father’s Day is one of the most favourite days. I spend The whole day long 24 hours with my father going to movies, playing some outdoor games and having dinner out at night.

Essay On Father's Day | Introduction

Why Father’s Day is observed?

Father’s Day is celebrated in different countries on different dates. And so the reason for celebrating this day is also different. There are various stories and reasons to celebrate. Whatever the reason behind celebrating Father’s Day, The purpose is the same as expressing our love towards fathers.

My father is My Superhero

My father is a normal person to the rest of the world but through my eyes, he is my superhero. He always protects me from every evil and danger. Moreover, he always teaches me good habits and always encourages me in every field which makes me confident and has a strong personality.

He is the one who puts all his energy to keep me happy. My every need and requirement get to an end before I ask my father. I always think to be like my father. In other words, a superhero. Father’s Day is a day of my superhero.


To sum it up, By celebrating Father’s Day, we not only honour fatherhood but also celebrate strength, security, and sacrifice. Every day should be a Father’s Day. No matter if every day is not Father’s Day we can still show our gratitude to them every day.

Long Essay On Father’s Day | 500 Words


A father in the family is like a pillar of a building that gives support to each and every corner of the building. Actually, Fathers are among those persons in life who influence us at a great level.

They are less likely to express their love and feelings but Father’s Day provides us with a chance to let our fathers apprehend that we know how much they love and care for us.

Also, This day is an opportunity to show gratitude and thankfulness to our Father. What our personality is going to be in future depends upon the behaviour and impact of our father.

Why are fathers important?

Fathers are important. It is not a belief but a fact. A life without a father is full of struggles and problems. He is a person who gets us and the entire family rid of problems and we escape the struggles of life. Fathers are our true well-wishers. They always want us to see the path of progress and success. Father’s Day is dedicated to them.

Moreover, our identity is connected to our fathers. But every father always wants to get identified through their children’s names. Fathers are the source of inspiration, motivation and passion. Additionally, they assist us in tough situations and display the right direction.

My father & Me

I share a unique connection with my father. One of the qualities of my father that inspires me is to be humble towards every living being. My father has been a punctual and regular character in his professional life. he always values time and motivates me the same.

He is a very kind and caring person but at the same time, he maintains a strict nature. All my understanding of sports and media, I have collected from my father. It is one of the single reasons why I want to be an athlete in the future. Father’s Day is a day to thank him for all this.

Celebration of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a really personalised festival observed all over the globe. Children purchase gifts for their fathers and create cards to explain their love, affection & honour to their fathers. On this day, several schools, colleges and other institutions organise social programs and interactive gatherings with the scholars and their fathers as well.

Television and radio telecast many programs related to the same topic for that whole day. Even online platforms and social media get overwhelmed with people posting photos with their fathers, beginning with children to adults.

A day dedicated to fathers

Father’s Day first was observed on 5th July 1908, by Robert Webb at a church named Central Methodist in Fairmont West Virginia. Next year in 1909, while hearing the Mother’s Day sermon (lessons), Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd, determined to honour Father’s Day. It was his father, Henry, who had brought her up after her mother’s death at a very young age.

She wanted to pay off for everything he has done for her and hence he honoured June 19 in 1910 as Father’s Day. Father’s Day is such an opportunity that comes with a sense of celebrating the presence of Father and his works in shaping the life of the family. On this day, to acknowledge and bring forward the efforts of the father, people give gifts to their father and other specific things like organising feasts or a holiday.

Final Words (Conclusion)

In the bottom line, In a child’s life, the part of a father is invaluable. The person who will always continue a constant in our life, helping us in our safe and serious times, and guiding us to the correct path, is our Father. To honour our father, each year, we thank him on Father’s Day by giving him presents and spending the full day with him.

Essay On Father's Day | Conclusion


  1. When is Father’s Day observed in India?

    Father’s Day is celebrated In India on the 3rd Sunday of June month every year.

  2. What is the Date to celebrate Father’s Day in 2021?

    This is The third Sunday of June month falls on 20 days. This is the date when we are going to celebrate Father’s Day in 2021. (。◕‿◕。)

  3. How do I write an essay on Father’s Day?

    You can write an Essay on Father’s Day very easily in simple steps.
    1. Create a List of headings.
    2. Brainstorm and Outline.
    3. Think about the structure of the essay.
    4. Write it down carefully.
    5. Use a positive tone.
    6. Introduction should be engaging
    7. Make sure of the flow of the essay
    Write down in a structured way.
    You are all set your Essay on Father’s Day is completed.

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