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Speech on Sports and Games

Hello, all of you present here,

Before I start my speech, I would like to thank you all for having me a chance to deliver this speech. The topic of my speech is sports and games.

“The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”

This is one of my favourite quotes that describe the importance of sports and games. A lot of people are very fond of sports and games. These activities are good for everyone because they can give you a healthy body and mind that superfoods can not offer you. Sports is counted as one of the healthier activities.

Many people don’t have much interest in sports and games. But it is a fact that sports leave a magical effect on one’s physique. In fact, some studies show that sports can stretch the life expectancy of humans and can offer good physical and mental conditions. Sport is something that has a lot of pros for every human.

Sports is one of the most advantageous activities that one should practise in his life. It improves body functions to act accurately and efficiently. It is a tool to achieve a state of a healthy body and an active brain. Without sports and games, there is no joy in school life. So, it should be made compulsory for schools.

Sports is such a venture that everyone can perform at any age and gender. In fact, sports and games are made compulsory for many schools. Just like eating healthy food, and doing exercise daily, sport is also counted as one of the healthy activities of life.

There are incalculable advantages of sports. Everyone should know the fact that a person who practices sports is less likely to expose to diseases and immunity-related problems. Also, it helps to improve the stamina and immunity of a person. Sports is something that has no side effects at all.

This is what I think about the benefits of sports and games. There is a lot to say but time is limited. And everyone should respect the time.

Thank you all again.

How to make your Speech Unique

  1. You can infuse some quotes on sports at the beginning
  2. Ask questions in between delivering speech [This will engage the listeners]
  3. Use a conversational tone while delivering the speech
  4. Take a short break [a while] every fifty words
  5. Try to not go away from your topic.

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