essay on self confidence

Essay On Self-Confidence is the key to success


Self-Confidence is nothing but a state of mind that pushes one to believe in himself or herself. It is something that can not be learned from an institute and can not be bought from anywhere. It is not even something god gifted. It is developed over time through different incidents and experiences oneself.

Essay on self-confidence | Introduction


Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar asked Birbal about the most powerful thing in the world. Birbal replied that it is self-confidence. Then Emperor Akbar challenged him to prove his point. After some days, Emperor Akbar has to battle with a huge troop of soldiers whereas his troop was ten times shorter.

Then Birbal saw a tree near the battlefield. He brought his troop to the tree and told them that this tree is wish-fulfilling. He tossed a coin under the tree and told the troop if we get three consequent tails, we will win. He gets three consequent tails.

Knowing this Akbar’s troop heads towards the battlefield and eventually wins the battle. Then Birbal told Akbar that the tree was a normal tree and the coin had a tail on both sides. This was the self-confidence that did the miracle to defeat ten times stronger troops.


To conclude, When we have strong faith in ourselves that is also called self-confidence. We can achieve the hardest goals in the world. That is why there is a saying that self-confidence is the key to success.

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