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The newspaper is like a weapon or tool that make us powerful to be updated about the happenings in the world. It also helps us grow our knowledge. Below are given Essays on newspaper in 100, 200, 300, 500 words for classes 1 to 12. Choose the best one for you.

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An Essay On Newspaper | 100, 150 Words | Paragraph | 10 lines

A newspaper is a printed booklet that is full of news.
NEWS is an acronym (short form) of North East West South.
Because it represents happenings from all four directions.
It is very important to read the newspaper every day.
It helps us to know about the happenings in the world.
Newspaper is also important for students.
We get to know many things that are not in books.
It also helps us to know about urgent school-offs.

The newspaper keeps the news from every field.
Sports lovers can get news related to sports.
Businessmen can get news for their business.
And It is full of entertainment information.
Newspapers also give some interesting G.K. puzzles to solve.
Students get news about exams and career guidance.
The newspaper has a lot of important advertisements.
But some of them are fake and misleading.
My father reads the newspaper while having breakfast every day.
I also read it a little bit every day and share the news with my friends.

An Essay On Newspaper | In 200 to 300 words | For Class 6th, 7th, And 8th

Essay On Newspaper
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Introduction (250 Words Essay)

Newspaper Essay- The word NEWS looks very tiny word of four alphabets but it holds a huge significance in the lives of humans. This word is generally an acronym for “North East West South” Because it fetches us the latest happenings from Each of these directions.

The chief function of the newspaper is to keep us updated on current affairs in the world. Some people are so addicted to the newspaper that they can not have their breakfast without reading a newspaper.

Advantages of news paper

The habit of reading a newspaper on a daily basis is very beneficial for everyone. First of all, it keeps us updated about all the latest happenings in the world from various fields like politics, sports, business, education, career and more. With the help of the newspaper, we can become an updated person.

Moreover, for students, it opens the door to the treasure of information that is not available in the syllabus books. Apart from that, it makes them aware of the various career opportunities.

Disadvantages of news paper

Newspapers hold some drawbacks as everything else holds. Some advertisements are scamming. It helps fraudsters to do crimes. They misguide and deceive the readers. Also, it sometimes creates hatred in the citizens of the country when there is religion or politically biased news is published.

The second drawback, it is a reason for deforestation. As more newspaper will be published, more paper is needed and more trees have to be cut down.


Concluding the essay, The newspaper is a powerful tool that can make us confident and knowledgeable citizen. It helps us keep updated about the world and also opens the door for many career opportunities. At the same time, it also has some dark sides like fraud advertisement. It is not so beneficial for the environment as it is a reason for deforestation. So we need to use it efficiently.

Essay on newspaper 1100, 150, 200, 300 words

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A long Essay On Newspaper | In 500, 600 Words | For Class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12

Essay On Newspaper

Main Headings of Essay on Newspaper

  1. Introduction
  2. History of newspaper
  3. Importance of newspaper Essay
  4. Newspaper and education
  5. Newspaper vs digital era
  6. Final Words ( Conclusion )


Essay on Newspaper- Newspaper is one of the oldest media of mass communication. They are like a treasure of information. There are various types of newspapers available in the market at a very affordable price. The word NEWS is an acronym containing all four directions. It simply refers to the reaching range of a newspaper.

A newspaper is full of news related to different fields like Education, politics, career, business, sports, entertainment and many more. It is very useful for all age groups for different purposes. Students can make use of the newspaper to acquire knowledge that is probably not available in the books.

History of newspaper

The modern newspaper is a European invention. The oldest format of the newspaper was handwritten news sheets that were circulated in Venice in 1566.  In 1665, the 1st real newspaper was published in England. different countries have different starting point for newspaper publishing. It was 1690 for the American newspaper, 1702 for Britain and 1752 for Canada.

The first Newspaper in India was published on 29th January 1780 and its name was “the Bengal Gazette”. With time, newspapers became popular and so cheap that anyone could buy them. But in the 20th century, It was being replaced by digital media like Televisions, Radios and the internet.

Importance of newspaper Essay

Information is a highly necessary thing as we need to understand what is happening around us. Newspaper is a highly potent medium of providing information among people. Official Government announcements are published in a newspaper. Weather forecasts are essential for farmers, business-related news is important for businesspersons, political, Career, international, sports and many more fields are covered in newspapers.

Moreover, it is also important for the employment seekers as every government sector and also private ones publish about the vacant jobs in their organisations. Plus, It helps in the competitive examination to gain more marks in the current affairs section.

Newspaper and education

Education is a set of limited information whereas a newspaper has no limitations on it. It can provide any set of information that probably any syllabus book covers. It is not only a boring thing for students but they can actually get benefitted from it. Almost every newspaper keeps a section for students and learners.

Daily G.K. quiz is some sort of content that can help students to gain knowledge apart from books. Various types of daily puzzles can improve thinking and analytical skills. Education tips and tricks are shared to help students. Also, it enables you to know about various career options to choose from.

Newspaper vs Digital era

In the age of the internet where information is almost ready at live-time on the internet, the newspaper in its earliest form seems to cop up with a threat of existence. On one hand, where any news can get viral is seconds on the internet, On the other hand, there is a doubt rise in the brain for their actual reality. And so, the newspaper is still recognised as the genuine source of any news.

Furthermore, Physical newspaper is much better than the virtual news as they only provide us with the essential news rather than junk. And they are also good for our eyes.

Final Words ( Conclusion )

To sum it up, newspapers are not only a medium of information and advertisement. They create a bond between us and the world. Without newspapers, this connection will get lost. In today’s digital era, every information is available at the fingertips but reliability is unknown. Only a newspaper can provide authentic and genuine information and news direct to your home.

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Essay on newspaper 500, 1000 words

Faq’s- Essay on NewsPaper

  1. The modern newspaper is a European invention. The oldest format of the newspaper was handwritten news sheets that were circulated in Venice in 1566.

  2. Why newspaper is important in our daily life?

    The newspaper is important to keep us updated of worldly happenings, gain knowledge, And find new opportunities in career and education.

  3. When was newspaper started in India?

    Newspaper in India was first published on 29th January 1780 and its name was “the Bengal Gazette”.

  4. How to write a good essay on news paper?

    You can write a good essay on newspaper by following these steps
    1- Start your essay with an engaging introduction
    2- Brainstorm for some subheadings
    3- Write each heading to the point
    4- At last, give a finishing touch
    Now your Essay on Newspaper is done.

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