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200 words Paragraph On Information Technology

Paragraph On Information Technology: Today, we can not imagine a day without using technology. In fact, we all are surrounded by numerous technologies. Information Technology is one of them. It helps us store, share and receive information and data using electronic gadgets like computers.

Information Technology has made the life of the common man easier. The long-distance meeting was a very complex task in the past but today it has become as easy as switching on T.V. Apart from this. this technology has simplified various complexities of office and organisational work.

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The term “Information technology” or “I.T.” is made up of two words. Information and technology. We understand both terms well. Information is knowledge & data and technology is the method involved. In brief, Information technology is a way of storing, sharing and receiving information using electronic equipment.

The Internet, which has brought a drastic change in the way people acquire knowledge, is also a gift of Information Technology. Today, we are just one click away from any kind of information and knowledge with the use of the Internet.

As discussed above, Internet has impacted the lives of the common man making information accessible and affordable. Work from home is made possible because of this information technology. Students can attend classes from their homes with the help of it.

Information Technology has not only changed the life of normal people but also has helped offices and organisations. Earlier, offices were stacked with a bunch of files and finding some specific data was way hard because of an unorganised way of storing data. That is now done in one click.

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Paragraph on Information Technology

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