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Essay On Deforestation- Trees are a very important part of our environment on Earth. They balance the ecosystem of the earth and help in executing the life process effortlessly. They are very helpful to every living being on the planet. We, humans, take benefit from trees in several ways.

Trees give us food, medicines, rubber, wood etc. For the sake of greed, we are cutting trees uncontrollably. Deforestation is the process of cutting down the trees that cause the emptying of the forests. It is a threat to the environment and the existence of life on Earth.


“Deforestation” is not a complex term to understand as its name suggests it is the process of clearing off the forests. With the growing population, we need increased resources one of which is land. But we can’t grow or expand land. One way is to clear off forests to get more land.

It involves the vacating of a gigantic area occupied by dense trees, bushes, and plants that have been growing here for many years. Deforestation is done for various reasons but we can say that the chief purpose behind this act is purely land acquisition because the land is a finite resource.


There are various causes of deforestation. Most of them are human-induced but some natural causes also contribute to deforestation.

Land Acquisition

As we previously discussed, land acquisition is the primary reason behind human-induced deforestation.

Infrastructure Development

When we need to access some specific location that is difficult to reach out to, government take the decision to build roads and develop infrastructure.

Agricultural Purpose

With the growing demand for food products, the demand for agricultural land also increases. To fulfil this demand, we clear off forests and convert them into crop fields.

Forest Fires

Forest fire is one of the natural causes that performs deforestation. Every year we hear news of forests catching fires.

Demand of Wood

The increasing demand for wood drives people to cut trees on a large scale. They cut the trees uncontrollably which leads to deforestation.


Deforestation is not a good thing to exist in the world. It means it impacts the world in a negative way. Take a look at how deforestation impacts us and the world.

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the process of elimination of the upper layer of the soil. It usually happens when there is the removal of trees that bind the soil. As a result air and water carries away the top layer of the soil.

Global Warming

Global warming is one of the consequences of the change in our environment. The temperatures are reaching their extreme points and season are delayed year by year.

Extinction of Animals

A deforestation is a cruel act towards animals who live in forests. They are helpless. They lose their homes and die out of hunger and lack of protection.


Deforestation can be prevented by mixed countermeasures. First of all, we should incentive afforestation which is the act of growing trees in the forest. This will help to resolve the loss of trees due to deforestation. Furthermore, the use of plant-based products should be promoted so as to grow the industry of tree-based companies.

Other than this, people must grow plants in their homes. That will help the environment to regain its ability. Government must punish the people involved in illegal deforestation.


To sum it up, Deforestation is the worst thing happening to the environment. Not only does it destroy the environment but also depletes biodiversity. Forests must be saved at all costs and every sincere attempt for their restoration must also be made.

Essay On Deforestation- Causes of Deforestation

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Essay On Deforestation | 100-150 Words

Deforestation refers to cutting down a large number of trees and emptying forest areas. There are diverse reasons behind these human activities such as logging or wood extraction, infrastructure expansion and agricultural expansion etc.

Deforestation is dangerous to the environment because it causes a lot of increase in carbon emissions and modifies the natural ecosystem. It also contributes to climate change because plants release the reserved carbon into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide when they are cut down.

Trees are demolished to make way for urban development and agricultural purposes. Deforestation is a severe problem and we must prevent and control cutting down precious trees. The government is putting all its power to prevent deforestation at all levels. Individuals also need to contribute as well.

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  1. What are the environmental consequences associated with deforestation?

    There are various environmental consequences associated with deforestation. Some of them are:
    1. Soil Erosion
    2. Global Warming
    3. Extinction of Forest Animals
    4. Negative Impact of Water Cycle
    5. Delay in seasons
    6. Climate Change
    7. Imbalance of Ecosystem
    & Many more.

  2. How does deforestation affect the water cycle?

    Deforestation affects the water cycle by decreasing precipitation which can lead to changes in river flow and water volume

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