Essay on Poverty In 150 Words

Essay on Poverty In 150 Words: Poverty is a social evil. This evil is widespread around the globe. Be it developing or developed, each country is in the catch of poverty. By definition, poverty is a condition of a family when its basic needs such as food, cloth, shelter and education are not met.

Moreover, poverty can lead to many other problems such as malnutrition, poor education, unemployment and domestic violence. Hence, we can conclude that poverty is the root cause of various other problems. The main ground for poverty is “the lack of money”.

Various reasons cause poverty in a country. The biggest reason considered is the rapidly growing population. Some other reasons are lack of education, civil wars, natural disasters, lack of employment etc.

The government of each country puts enormous efforts to eradicate poverty and help the poor. But it is not the responsibility of the government only, as a citizen of the country, individuals also can contribute their assistance to the fight against poverty.

Short Essay on Poverty

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