Paragraph on My Favourite Subject [Math/English/Science]

Paragraph on My Favourite Subject: There are many subjects taught in the schools. Each student has to study a set of subjects necessarily. Of this set of subjects, students also have a favourite subject which they love to study. That subject is called favourite subject.

Welcome to This page will help students write a paragraph on their favourite subjects such as English, Maths, Science, Biology etc in 100, 150, 200 Words. Students might have other subjects as their favourite so consider these given paragraphs as an example to write your own.

Paragraph On My Favourite Subject Maths

Mathematics is my favourite subject. I started studying maths in the initial days of my schooling. First, I learned simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All these mathematical operations become easier if you learn number tables. When I was just in class 3, I learned tables up to 20.

Then I started learning about multiples, factors, prime numbers, whole numbers, real numbers etc. In fact, up to class five, I learned all the calculation tactics and basic methods. When I jumped into class 6, there was a new branch of mathematics which became my favourite i.e. algebra.

It was quite surprising how we can calculate some unknown metrics by supposing them as x, y, and z. My interest in mathematics started to deepen and I became one of the top scorers in this subject. I became very popular for this reason.

Paragraph On My Favourite Subject Science

My favourite subject is science. The subject of science is full of adventure and thrill. I have read about adventurous journeys of scientists. I never miss the period of science class. Mr Arjun is my science teacher. I like his way of teaching that helps me understand the concepts very easily.

I never get tired of studying this subject because I am a person full of curiosity. My curiosity drives me finding answers to worldly things and happenings. In fact, curiosity plays a crucial role in the lives of scientists and science field.

The universe is full of secrets and science always tries to unveil these secrets. That is the reason I not only study science books but I also never forget to read latest news about science field through different sources like internet, newspapers, and novels.

Science has discovered many devices and techniques which help us simplify our daily activities. Scientific inventions provide us with comfort that even kings of earlier times were not bless with. These miraculous inventions are sometimes called the wonders of Science.

Paragraph On My Favourite Subject English

Schooling lets us explore many different subjects. A language is foundation of education. With the help of a language we start studying different subjects. English is a language on which my studies are grounded as I study in an english medium school.

I am very fond of reading stories. This can be a reason that made the english subject as my favourite subject. Initially, I face many difficulties understanding this language but by taking regular grammar classes, I improved this subject to the next level.

I learn 5 new words daily and note them down to my personal notebook. I use to read these words frequently so that I do not forget their meanings. This habit enhances my vocabulary. Also, this habit helps me framing creative answers. Moreover, I have won many prizes and awards in creative writing competitions.

You may be shocked to know that english language is the third most spoken language in the world. It has become a language of international communication. Many job profiles made it compulsory to have a good understanding of english language. These days english language holds value more than a degree sometimes.

Paragraph On My Favourite Subject Maths

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