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1 Minute Speech On Agriculture

Hello and welcome all of you gathered here. I am here to present a short speech on agriculture.

The invention of agriculture taught humans the skill to grow their own food. Before that humans used to eat the flesh of animals by killing them. Agriculture offered them to enjoy a number of tastes present in nature. Nowadays, not only agriculture feeds the population but it also helps in the progress of many countries.

Humans are doing agriculture for about 11000 years but in recent times the demand for food is gradually rising due to overpopulation. This led the planet to many problems such as deforestation for more agricultural land, heavy water wastage and the contamination of soil & groundwater due to the use of fertilizers.

Moreover, the conditions of the farmer section are miserable. They provide the world with food but sometimes they are not able to feed themselves. This is because the raw produces are sold at very cheaper prices while other daily needs are gradually being expensive.

At last, I want to say that the agriculture section requires attention for removing all the drawbacks. Plus, we need to support farmers in each and every way possible. Thank you!

Speech On Agriculture For 2 to 3 Minutes

I warmly welcome all of you gathered here. I am here to a few words on agriculture. Before I start my speech, I would like to wish you a good day. Also, I want to thank you for giving me this valuable opportunity.

Food is one of the most important basic needs of each living being. Each organism has its own way to get food. Humans produce their food through agriculture and farming. These are not new methods rather they existed since ancient civilizations.

Agriculture was one of the chief factors in the progress and development of many ancient civilizations. The farmers of that time used to sell their surplus to others. Hence, it is considered one reason behind the evolution of trade and business.

Most importantly, there are many economies in the contemporary world that are majorly dependent on agricultural produce. Indian economy is one of those. Despite the fact that Indian agriculture began by 9000 BCE the country remained under-developed for a long time.

Today, the Indian economy is gaining momentum and it exports its agricultural surplus to other countries. This progress was seen after the adoption of the green revolution in the country. The primary export items are tea, cotton, textiles, tobacco, sugar, jute products, spices, rice, and many other items.

Although agriculture helped humanity to flourish, it has many downsides that must not be overlooked. First of all, with the rising demand for food, many forests are being converted into agricultural land. This process is called deforestation which is a threat to our biodiversity and ecosystem.

Number two, the chemicals and pesticides used in farming contaminate the soil and groundwater. Number three, people practice traditional farming which leads to the wastage of water. Many other reasons negatively impact nature and living beings.

It is the need of the hour to understand the significance of and spread awareness about efficient farming practices. Today, we have many methods and technologies which can help us remove all the negative impacts of traditional agricultural practices.

It is also a need to witness sustainable development on the planet so that our future generations can have a good and comfortable lifestyle.

There is a most important thing to be discussed. This is all about the contributions of farmers. Even though they feed the world, they do not get appraisal and recognition. In some developing countries like India, the condition of farmers is miserable.

The farmers take loans for agricultural needs but when crops get destroyed due to any reason, they are compelled to take wrong steps such as suicide. Hence, there is a need to provide support to the farmers.

To sum it up, agriculture is the utmost need for the food supply to the world. Agriculture requires high amounts of hard work but modern tools, methods and technologies can transform this activity into an easy and efficient one. Moreover, we can also provide support to the farmers in various ways. In fact, they are the ones who feed us.

Thank you! I hope you liked my thoughts.

Short speech on agriculture

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