2 Minute Speech on Population Explosion

Hello, everyone! I am here to present a speech on population explosion!

Population Explosion means a sudden growth over a short span of time in the population of a specific area. When there is a population explosion, there are seen severe concerns such as meeting the daily needs of the population, providing employment, maintaining internal peace, & preventing social injustices etc.

The rule of cause and effect says there is no effect without a cause. Population explosion is an effect of a set of causes. The first and foremost cause of population explosion is illiteracy.

Illiterate people do not understand the significance of family planning and hence bear many children. Women’s education is another big cause contributing to the population explosion. They do not have proper knowledge of birth control methods

The third cause is life expectancy growth. Nowadays people live longer compared to earlier times just because of a better lifestyle and medical services. The fourth cause is somewhat related to the third one, it is the decrease in child mortality rate because of better medical facilities.

In this modern era, population explosion in any country can be proved a burden. Because more people will consume more and government needs to import more and export less. This might lead to economic decline.

Anything in excess is problematic and so is population explosion. For any country, it creates a problematic situation that causes the country to face various challenges such as unemployment, poverty, child labour, exploitation of labour, bribe culture etc. For sustainable development, all countries need to control population explosion using various techniques.

Thank you for your kind attention!

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