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Speech On Sustainable Development

Development is needed to attain the highest potential of anything. Sustainable development is the key that ensuring the process of continuous development for future generations. It ensures the availability of natural resources and energy for the future.

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Good Morning and welcome to all people present here. Today, I am here to deliver a speech on Sustainable development. Before heading ahead towards my speech I want to thank you for having me this chance.

We need multiple resources and a fit environment to live effortlessly. The world population is rising rapidly and so is the demand for resources. Human beings have been constantly exploiting resources and harming the environment.

In this condition, our future generations have to encounter a scarcity of resources to meet their needs and have to experience a less supportive environment. Sustainable development is the only key to preventing this situation. It will prevent overexploitation and the wastage of natural resources.

Also, it will prevent environmental degradation and help in finding alternative sources to regenerate renewable energy resources. In simple words, sustainable development ensures a safe life for humans and a safer future for humanity.

Sustainable development does neither talk about moving to the pre-industrial era nor ceasing the use of natural resources. It just encourages alternative ways of working that conserve the environment and enriches natural resources.

This way we can reduce global climatic changes, ozone depletion, food scarcity, overpopulation, species loss and deforestation. We have many options to practise that will help us to achieve a state of sustainable development. Some of them are:

Firstly, we must promote afforestation because it will help us to tackle environmental issues and supply us with an abundance of natural resources. Secondly, The use of renewable energy is the need of the hour as conventional energy sources are rapidly declining.

Number three, We must spread awareness to our young ones and to those who need it. Number four, we should conserve energy by adopting some easy habits like switching off lamps, fans, and TVs when not in use.

I will stop my speech here. Thank you for having me your attention.

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