Speech On Nature [ 1-2 minutes ]

1 Minute Speech

Hello and good morning all, I am here to present a speech on nature and its conservation.

We all are surrounded by Nature. Whatever we see around us like trees, animals, sun, moon, landscapes, etc. are parts of nature. It is said that things that are not made by humans are parts of nature.

But What things are made by humans? It is nothing. Humans only modified natural things and gave them a new shape. So Eventually, everything we see, feel, and experience is Nature.

Nature is an amazing blessing from God. It helps us sustain our lives. So it is our duty to protect it from transforming from its real definition. We need to leave the practices of selfish activities so that our future generations can live well. In other words, we must act to support sustainable development.

thank you for listening to my words!

2 Minute Speech On Nature

Good morning and welcome to everyone. I am here to speak a few words on the topic of “nature and its conservation”.

The word NATURE has a very vast meaning within it. The goal of life is to live in agreement with nature. It is an integral and vital part of living organisms. Nature is nothing but everything we are surrounded by like the air we inhale, the water we drink, the sun, the moon, the landscapes and the list goes to infinity.

Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. Nature nurtures and nourishes us. It fulfils all the basic needs of living beings. It sustains life and maintains a balance in the environmental ecosystem. In fact, Nature is the best gift from God to us.

It is a real supporter of life. But we are not aware of its real value. It is time to understand the importance of nature and conserve it. If we want to assume life on earth for a long time, we need to protect it.

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