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Essay On Happiness: Every human on this planet wants to be happy and contented. But the thing is the definition of happiness varies from person to person. Many think that happiness is something that comes from within while others believe that happiness is a state of mind.

By the way, whatever people think about happiness. It is a feeling that signals a prosperous and contented life. If you are not happy despite having lots of money and luxury, your wealth is worthless. Hence, it is clear that there is no direct connection between money and happiness.

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Introduction- “Happiness” is something that is loved by all. No one can deny the fact that everyone aspires to a happy life. But happiness has no definite definition because it is not something that can be described in words, it can only be identified by noticing the expressions of a person.

Happiness Is A Choice– There is no definite definition of the term “Happiness”. Different people percept happiness in different ways. Some people think that money can bring happiness while others think it to be wrong. Many believe that happiness is a state of mind whereas many believe that helping others is happiness.

According to Aristotle, happiness consists in achieving, through the course of a whole lifetime, all the goods — health, wealth, knowledge, friends, etc. — that lead to the perfection of human nature and to the enrichment of human life.

Can Happiness Be Measured?- In this modern era, science and technology have invented methods and techniques to measure almost each and every materialistic phenomenon. But measuring emotions and feelings is quite a difficult task, we have not developed any instrument that can measure sadness or happiness.

In short, We can only observe the common expressions to conclude if a person is happy or sad. But we can not measure the level or intensity of that emotion. Only the person knows how much he or she has exposed the feeling. Hence, we can say that happiness comes from within and it is beyond materialism.

Conclusion- At last, No matter how a person defines happiness, everyone wants to be happy. In fact, all our actions done by us have a common goal of achieving the peak of happiness and contentment. Most noteworthy, we can not achieve happiness all alone, We can feel it with our friends and loved ones.

Short Essay On Happiness

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Happiness is an end goal for everyone. But we can not draft a definition of happiness that suits everyone. The reason behind this is the varied perceptions of happiness for different people. Happiness is subjective. For some people, it indicates a state of mind; for others, it might imply a standard of lifestyle.

Nevertheless, whatever might be the meaning of Happiness, this is a fact that Happiness is an integral part of our lives. Without happiness, there is no purpose in living and going ahead in life. Do you know the most amazing feature of happiness? happiness is something that multiplies when shared.

is happiness A State of Mind?

When do we feel happy? There are various events in life when we can feel the peak of happiness. For example, when we do what we love or we achieve something that we wanted to, we feel extreme happiness. It is proof that true happiness comes from within and hence it is considered a state of mind.

Most importantly, our preferences and our aspirations change over time and we no longer base our happiness on things we used to previously. Thus, even though happiness is a state of mind we can not sustain it for a long time. Our priorities and aspirations change with time and so is a state of happy mind.

Money & Happiness

If we talk about money, it is a means that was invented for replacing Barter System and making trade easier. With time it became a sign of wealth and prosperity. Today, everyone is obsessed with money. People think that money brings happiness and hence they want more and more money accumulation.

There are many people in the world with loads of money. Do you think they are happy? Happiness does not depend on how much money one has. Yes, money can buy you comfort, money can buy you luxury. But it has no potential of buying happiness. Happiness can’t be bought, it is earned.

Health, wealth, relations & Happiness

There has been conducted a study on happiness and its relation to health, wealth and relationships. You might be shocked to know the outcomes. This study is the longest study ever conducted on happiness. It shows that a person with excellent health is not the happiest, and a person with giant wealth is not the happiest. Then?

Lessons from the longest study on happiness. Source: Ted Talks

The happiest ones were the ones whose relationships were great. But it does not mean you must only focus on your relationships. health and wealth are also vital aspects of life that need care. We are social beings hence our relationships impact us more than anything else.


We know that happiness is impacted by many factors but we can do various practices to become happy. Some of them are given below;

  1. Be Nice To Others: As we discussed above that our relationships with others impact the quality of happiness. We must practice being nice to others so as to receive the same behaviour back.
  2. Escape Negativity: It is impossible to be positive all the time but we can definitely escape the negativity in our life by finding some ways to escape it.
  1. Find Your Passion: Passion is something you did not get bored of. On top of that, following your passion give you a great sense of happiness. So, find your passion and follow it.
  2. Give Your Family and Friends Enough Time: We must spend enough time with our family and friends. In fact, they are the ones we live for. Share your happiness and see it multiply.
  3. Help Others: Helping the needy is one of the best practices which gives you great happiness. If you help others occasionally, make it your habit and soon you can see the difference.


To sum it up, happiness is one of the most important parts of life. We can also say that achieving a happy life is the goal for each of us. Happiness can only be attained by having optimistic thinking and enjoying life. Furthermore, we must develop a healthy relationships with the people around us for being happy and keeping them happy.

Essay On Happiness (Ways)


  1. What is happiness?

    Happiness is an emotion or a state of mind that gives us pleasure and peace. Happiness gives life worth, without it life has no meaning.

  2. How to increase happiness in life?

    We can practice a number of things to be happy in life; Having positive thinking, helping others, following your passion, building good relationships with people, and giving your family and friends time are some best practices which will definitely increase happiness in life.

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