2 Minute Speech On Child Labour

Hello, all the people present here,

first of all, I would like to wish you all the best wishes for the day & also thank you all for having me a chance to speak a few words on child labour.

Imagine, the weight of your body is 20 KG and you have to lift a weight of 40 KG. How it seems? Isn’t it burdening someone with huge tasks of which he is not capable? This is the condition of every child who is stuck in the dirty swamp of child labour.

Yes, it sounds bitter but it is true. And you may be shocked to know that every child out of ten is involved in child labour globally. One of the biggest contributors to this number is our country.

Child labour leaves a perilous impact on children involved in it. The first and foremost effect of child labour is children lose their childhood and basic rights to education. They are deprived of enjoying their innocence and naughtiness.

Children involved in child labour have to handle several difficulties during work time. They carry the load beyond their capacities and so they get fractures and physical injuries. Children have to face many injuries during work like cuts, burns, fractures, excessive fears and nightmares.

Additionally, they are abused and beaten by employers for small mistakes. Even they are forced to consume alcohol so that they can work more than their capabilities. Don’t you think this is the greatest crime found on the planet?

Sometimes, Children have to do work to support their families because of the poor condition of their families. Child labour is not only damaging the future of young ones but also of the respective nations because upcoming generations determine the progress of a country.

We all need to take steps against this terrible practice so that our young generation can get their true rights.

Thank You All for listening to my words.

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