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A+ Essay On Water And Its importance: Possibility of life is directly connected to the presence of water. That is why we need to understand the importance of Water. Here below are given some essays on water in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words, 10 lines and paragraphs. Choose the best one for you.

1️⃣ Essay for kids for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.1.6 Minutes
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An Essay On Water for kids | 100, 150 Words | 10 Lines

Water is an important natural resource.
We use it in drinking, washing, cooking and more.
Water is important for every living being on earth.
Life is not possible without water on earth.
Plants also need water to cook their food.
We get water from water bodies like rivers, lakes, oceans.
We can also pull water from under the ground using handpumps.
It is the most valuable gift from God.
But we don’t realise the real value of water.

People drain water without any reason.
We should not waste water by doing useless activities.
We keep open the water tap while brushing the teeth.
It is a reason for Water wastage and we should be careful to save water.
And we waste much water when we take shower at home.
Children waste a lot of water playing with water in festivals like Holi.
I promise to save water from now and I will not waste the water.

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An Essay On Water | In 200 to 300 words | Paragraph | For Class 6th, 7th & 8th

Essay On Water


Essay on Water and its importance- Water is the basis of life on earth. We can say that it is a survival fluid. Our planet earth is also known as the blue planet because it has a huge amount (around 70% of the surface) of water. But a very little portion of it is actually useful for us. Humans use this valuable natural asset carelessly. Yes, Water is free but we need to understand the real value of water.

Uses of Water

Water has countless uses for humans but at the same time, it is useful for all the other organisms on the planet. The very first and foremost use of water is drinking. we drink it in order to keep our body healthy and fit. It helps us in our digestion. Cleaning, washing and cooking are the other activities that require water.

Water also feed us. Yes, you heard it right. Every type of crop needs water that produces different types of grains, pulses, veggies and fruits. it helps farmers to earn their living. Also, plants and animals need water for growth and health.

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How to save water

Saving water is not only a need but it is also a responsibility to all of us. First we need to understand the real value of water and spread the awareness for the same. A lot of water is being wasted in our day to day life. We need to tune those activities to a right level. This must be assured that the water tap or the showerhead is not left open while not in use.

You can use buckets in place of showers. This will result in water saving. if there is a leakage in the water supply mechanism. Make sure to fix it as soon as possible. One can use the full capacity of washing machines to save water.


In conclusion, Water is a very rare substance that is provided by nature. It is directly connected with life. It is our duty to make sure that this natural asset is being efficiently used. No alternative is available that can take place of water.

Essay on water | 100, 150, 200 Words | Paragraphs

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A Long Essay On Water | In 500, 600 Words | For Class 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th

Essay On Water

Main Headings of Essay on Water

  1. Introduction
  2. Its Importance
  3. Its Need
  4. Efficient Uses
  5. Reasons for shortage of useful water
  6. Final Words (Conclusion)


Water is the essence of life on earth that made the planet full of different types of and species. Water is only a mixture of two gases but it holds the greatest significance for living beings after oxygen. Around 70% of the surface of the earth is covered with water. That is the reason behind our mother earth is also known as The Blue Planet.

Despite the huge amount of water available, only a little fraction(0.3%) of this amount is useful for us. The other 99.7 % is in the oceans, icecaps, soils, and floating in the atmosphere. Still, much of the 0.3 per cent that is useable is unattainable.

Its Importance

If we talk about our own lives, water is the basis of our existence. Our body itself is made up of 70% water. The human body requires water for the day to day survival. This, in turn, supports our body to work normally. We might be able to survive without food for a full week but without water, we would not be able to survive for 3 days.

Moreover, our daily activities can not be completed without water. From drinking water to clean the utensils, Everything is equally important. This residential use of water makes us reliant on this natural chemical.

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Its Need

It is accepted by the scientists that life is possible on earth all because of the presence of water. They try to find water in other planets in the universe to estimate life expectancy. So finally it is a rarely found substance anywhere else in the observable universe.

Further, plants need water to make food and survive. It is one of the main ingredients which support them to grow. Therefore, water is greatly important for humans, creatures, and plants to survive. Plus, It helps us in filling our plate with different types of dishes made from veggies, fruits and grains. These food items are less likely to grow without water.

Efficient Uses

  1. Use buckets in place of a shower or take shorter showers.
  2. Using bath-tubs will reduce water wastage.
  3. Turn off the water tap while shaving.
  4. Don’t keep the tap open while brushing your teeth.
  5. Check faucets and pipelines for leakages and fix them.
  6. Use your washing machine at full loads only.
  7. Use your automatic dishwasher at full loads only.
  8. Water your lawn only when it requires it.
  9. Teach the younger ones in the family not to play with water and waste it.
  10. And most extensive, spread awareness to save water.

Reasons for shortage of useful water

The very primary reason is too much wastage of water and careless use of water on daily lives. The second cause is pollution from industries that release untreated water to the rivers and lakes. And the third reason is pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are polluting the useful water. Moreover, sewage wastage is also dumped into rivers that pollute water.

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Another cause for the shortage of useful water is global warming. While the planet is growing warmer, the groundwater levels are exhausting. Even more, clouds are shifting away from the equator towards the poles, due to a climate-change.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Water is the foundation of life on earth. We know that our planet is full of this natural substance. But we also know that only a little fraction of the whole is useful. Plus, Transforming the useless water to useable will cost us a huge amount of money and machinery power. So, there is a need to understand the importance of water and spread awareness for the same.

Essay on water | 250, 300, 500 Words | Paragraphs

Faq’s- Essay on Water

  1. Why is water the basis of life?

    Water is the foundation of life on earth because every living being is dependent on it to live its life properly. If we talk about humans, our body is made up or 70+ % water.

  2. What are the uses of water?

    Water is used in each and every area of world. From daily uses to industrial uses. From generating electricity to balance ecosystem on earth.

  3. There are two main sources of water. Surface water and groundwater. Surface Water is found in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Groundwater lies under the surface of the land.

  4. Why is earth called the blue planet?

    The mother earth is covered with water. And so it looks blue from outer space. That is why it is called the Blue Planet.

  5. How to write an essay on water and its importance?

    You can write an essay on water in simple steps
    1. Write an engaging introduction
    2. Think of some subheadings
    3. Fill the subheadings with the gathered information
    4. At last, Write a conclusion
    Now, Your Essay on water is done!

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