Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life

150-200 words Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life

Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life: Science has impacted our life in every walk. It is not wrong to say that it influences the lives of humans the most. Without the use of science, today we feel helpless. It has made us more productive.

Today we can get more jobs done in less duration because of science. In contrast, it has also made us the slaves of machines. Welcome to In this post, we have written paragraph on science in everyday life for students and children. 

Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life In 150 Words

Today’s age is heavily influenced by science and technology. A modern man cannot live his life without using science and technology. From the first ray of sun to going to the bed, we all use uncounted devices that science has offered us. We are indulged in using these devices like we are intensively dependent on them.

In reality, this is a fact, today we have become dependent on these devices and scientific equipments. from cleaning of house to washing the clothes, from travelling to transportation of luggage, from acquiring education to giving services, everything involves science and technology.

On the one hand science has helped us offering comfort in each aspect of life. On the other hand, it has made dependent of science. Just because of dependency on these tools and devices, we are getting less productive and our brains have turned blunt.

Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life In 200 Words

“Science” is the study of and knowledge about the physical world and natural laws. We can not change these laws but can use them intelligently to make our lives more comfy and luxurious. In fact, we are already doing it but not at full potential.

Science plays the role of being a faithful servant of man. In every walk of life, science is there to help us. We need the benefits of science whether in our home, in workplace, in a factory, or outside.

Computer technology is one tremendous benefit of science. Nowadays, it would be unthinkable to consider living without computing technology. A large number of professions now depend totally on the computer and the internet.

Even some of the scientific inventions are called the wonders of science. Machines, devices, vehicles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, the internet, IT revolution, air conditioners, blowers, geysers, heaters, TVs, and many more, all are gifts of science used in everyday life. This is not a pep talk but it is a fact.

Science has helped us in each field be it education, health, comfort, service, communication, travel, office work, manufacturing or any region you think of.

Paragraph On Science In Everyday Life

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