3 Best Paragraphs on The English language 100 to 200 words

Do you know the fact that the English Language is the third most spoken language in the world? here below are give 3 best paragraphs on the English Language and its importance.

Do you ever think about how many languages are there in the world? Maybe you don’t. But you must know the most powerful language in the world. Of course, it is the English Language. Read here a long essay on the English language and its importance.

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Paragraph on The English language | 100 Word

There are 7,139 languages in the whole world but The English language possesses the most influence in the world and it is the third most spoken language in the world. This language is the basis of international communication. Out of 194 Countries, 104 have English speakers in their country.

The next question that must be arisen in your mind could be why this language is important for anyone. This is because this language is the only one that can help you explore the world compared to other languages. You know most of the information available on the internet is in English.

Paragraph on The English language | 100 words

Paragraph on The English language | 150 Words

The English language is a global language and the most famous language for dressy communication. It is the third most spoken language on the globe and about 104 countries have personalities that can speak English. The variant of the English language we speak today is called modern English. This language has more than 150 accents. This language is used in programming languages, international communication, sports, news etc.

Do you know the fact that- In more than 65 countries, English is the primary language? This language is a very precise language for international communication. It connects people all over the world. It is the most required language in various sectors of the profession. At present, the English language is not just a language but it has become a trend. After Chinese and Japanese, it is in third place in the most spoken languages in the world.

Furthermore, this language is a necessary tool for those who want to begin their career in the tech domain or the computing sector. If you possess a curious nature and use to seek answers on google, you must understand that most of the information available on the internet is in English.

Paragraph on The English language | 250 Words

The English language is one of the best languages on the planet. There is a study that says one out of every five people can communicate in English. Language is continuously evolving for thousands of years back. The vocabulary of the English language is extending every year. Around 3000 new words are added to the English dictionary every year.

Social media is a contributor to this extension of words. Selfie, Tweet, Lol, inbox and hashtag are some words that originated on social media and the internet.

In this modern era, the English language has become a vital part of each existing field. It is a language of international communication, business, entertainment, science, information technology and more. Earlier a degree was sufficient to get a corporate job or employment but now the time has changed. Today, knowledge of the English language holds more value than a degree.

Furthermore, This language prevents barriers to your growth. If you desire to start your career in the field of science and technology, the English language is a necessity. Even it assists in executing research as most of the data available on the internet is in English.

To sum it up, the English language is like a device that can help you experience the world at a better level. If you investigate any type of information, it is available generally in English. The knowledge of the English language is counted in the skillset of an individual. For the technology field, English is a must.

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