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Essay on Wonder of Science [Short & Long]

Essay On Wonder Of Science“Science”– The smaller the word, The greater its influence in human lives. Look all around yourself. What do you see? I am pretty sure everyone can easily observe the holy presence of science in some form.

Science is a tool that can convert imagination into reality. In fact, It has performed countless wonders that once seemed to be impossible. Moreover, Science is something that can not get to an end. It is an endless process towards advancements and expertise.

Short Essay On Wonder of Science | 250 Words


“Science”– The smaller the word, The greater its influence in human lives. Look all around yourself. What do you see? I am pretty sure everyone can easily observe the holy presence of science in some form. By using knowledge and observations, a lot of inventions took place that helps us in various ways.

These inventions were unlikely to be accomplished earlier but science made them possible. That is why every scientific invention is a wonder of science.

Essay On Wonder Of Science | Introduction

Influence of Science on human life

Everyone may definitely have some knowledge of history. Just look into the history of human life and compare that with the present scenario. The difference can clearly be understood. From the invention of the first wheel to the invention of the internet, everything has brought unusual value to humanity. Every wonder of science has provided us with immeasurable comfort.

There is no doubt that electricity is the biggest invention of science. It serves us in hundreds of ways in houses, factories, mills and more. Earlier it was said that the world is very big. But today our reach to the world on our fingertips because of science.

Disadvantages of Science

The saying goes “Anything in excess is poison”. The same goes for science. If it falls into the wrong hands it can bring massive trouble for living beings and for the planet. Nuclear power is one example. This power is enough to wipe out entire countries and even the planet.

Moreover, with the advancements in industries, pollution is rapidly increasing. Unemployment, Climate change, and exploitation of natural resources are some negative results of advancements in science.


Today, almost every problem of mankind has a solution. This is just because of the wonders of science. From our daily lives to exploring the universe, everything has become easier than ever before. It is true that everything has two sides the good and the bad. That is the reason “science is a boon or a bane” this argument does not get to an end.

Long Essay On Wonder of Science | 500 words


Science is a medium to find out the solution to specific problems. It is also a way to explore new theories of the universe that are masked yet. Science has made every field of humanity better and better if compared to previous ages.

It has converted the imagination into reality and invented many useful tools and devices that seemed to be impossible. These inventions are actually the wonders of Science.

Behind the evolution of mankind, one factor is absolutely science that sped up the process. Even today, whatever advancements are taking place in human lives are the results of science.

How Science has changed Human Life

Science is actually based on facts, not on myths. And facts are some statements that tend to give the same results for the same efforts done previously. For instance, rubbing two rocks will always generate sparks. So, The invention of fires comes under the wonders of science. After that human evolution grabs speed.

Over time new techniques developed and made human life easier and easier. From growing efficient crops to transporting them, from finding causes of a disease to treating it, everything got simplified by the inventions in the related field. Today, we will get paralysed without the company of science.

Influence in Different Fields

Science has influenced almost every field of society. We can not ignore what improvements it brought to this field. We will discuss some of them.

Transportation Field- Long ago we developed a wheel to transport things from one to another place. But today we have different options to choose from. We can go anywhere in the world by road, by water and by air in a very short time compared to earlier times. Science developed vehicles that can send us to other planets today.

Medical Field- Science has done wonders in the medical field too. It has made several processes easy and efficient with the use of artificial intelligence. The research is on when a doctor can perform surgeries from any other corner of the world. X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasonography, MRI, Penicillin, etc. are some wonders of science that are helping humanity.

Technology Field- Technology is a never-ending process of making scientific inventions better and more efficient but it is developed by science. Technology keeps omnipresence in each of the areas. It has been developed in the past and continuously advancing. Science and technology are complementary and directly connected. Smartphones, computers, tablets, cars, and bikes that we use today are made better than their previous version because of technology.

Apart from these, science has put a positive impact on Agriculture, education, innovation, research, space exploration, renewable energy and other fields. Today’s age is called the information age which has changed the way of gaining knowledge. This has become possible through information technology.

A World of Adventure

The universe can not be explored in a short time. In fact, it is a never-ending process. Science tries to explore different aspects of the universe. Some exploration gets succeeds whereas others get failed. But one thing is confirmed the exploration of the universe is full of adventures. In other words, we can say that science is an adventurous journey.

Physics and chemistry are two adventurous fields of science that make anyone astonished. The tallest and biggest structures of the world are built using the principles of physics. These structures can be counted as wonders of science. Magicians of ancient times used chemistry and physics to perform unbelievable magic tricks.

The negative side

Science has also drawbacks of its own. If it falls into evil hands, it can cause destruction on a massive level. For instance, science is used to create nuclear powers and weapons. These can be a reason for the destruction of humanity. Another negative impact of science is pollution. Pollution is becoming a critical issue for living beings. It has rapidly increased with the growth of industries.

Furthermore, unemployment is another threat caused by science as machines and technologies are taking the place of humans. Science is making us less productive and creative because it has provided everything at our fingertips.

Final Words (Conclusion)

To sum it up, Science is beneficial and destructive at the same time for humanity. Hence, it must be correctly used for the bigger benefit of mankind. We need to ensure the clever use of these scientific devices in order to save the earth from the harmful side of science. Science is a wonderful gift to humanity, we should not distort it.

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Essay On Wonder Of Science | Conclusion


  1. Why Science is Important?

    Science is important to find out the solution to specific problems and it helps us to be ready for future difficulties. Also, It is essential for exploring new theories of the universe.

  2. Have science any Negative sides?

    As everything has, Science is not different. Science is neither considered good nor bad. It is an argumentive topic for society but it has both sides- The positive and the negative.

  3. How to write an essay on the wonder of science?

    follow these steps to write an awesome essay on the wonder of science:
    1. Write an engaging introduction
    2. You can add some quotes at the beginning of the essay
    3. Think of some subheadings
    4. Give a structure to subheadings
    5. Write in the subheadings
    6. At last, give a conclusion with a finishing touch
    Now, your Essay on the wonder of science is complete.

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