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Spring Season Essay In English

The Spring season is one of those seasons that offer us the to explore a new dimension of natural beauty. No matter what the season is, nature’s beauty has no match at all.

The Spring season lies between the end of the winter season and the arrival of the summer season. The duration of day and night is equal in this season.


The Spring season is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. This season lasts between the end of the winter season and the beginning of the summer season. In India, it starts culturally in the months of March and April, with an average temperature of approx 32 °C. Spring is certainly a time of joy and delight.

Most notably, in many cultures, Spring celebrations occur with rites and festivals. Additionally, Day and night become equal in duration.

Essay on Spring Season- Introduction

Changes in the environment

There is a gradual increase in average temperatures making people feel relief from the chilling winter. Moreover, unstable weather can be seen sometimes because of the random movement of winds.

New leaves and branches appear on the trees and the flowers become fresh and colourful. The Spring season is very impressive. When it arrives, it makes everything living in nature.

For example, it awakens trees, plants, flowers, crops, grass, and animals from the long sleep of the winter season. Human beings wear lighter clothes.

Apart from this, the spring season is very sensitive to communicable diseases such as the common cold, smallpox, chickenpox, measles etc. So people need to make extra preparations for their health.


One noteworthy benefit of the Spring Season is the mental boost. It helps people prevent anxiety naturally because of the soothing environment. The Winter season makes people lazy and this season wakes them up from laziness.

The fruits and vegetables grown in this season are nutrition-rich. Hence, we can consume them to develop a healthy physique. Additionally, Sugarcane juice, which is one of the local superfoods, is made available in the market.

Everyone can enjoy outdoor games for long hours and can go on long morning walks. Moreover, this season increases our productivity because of suitable temperatures for the human body.

The sunlight feels lovely so we can receive a huge amount of vitamin D. The wind delivers fresh oxygen that makes our lungs stronger.


To sum it up, the Spring season is the king of all seasons. Nature manifests in its most beautiful form during the spring season and fills our hearts with joy. It provides us with many health benefits. We get a fresh form of oxygen, sunlight, fruits and vegetables.

Essay on Spring Season- Conclusion

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