Essay on Student Life

Essay On Student Life For Students

“Student life is the best life”. You might have listened to this line many times but how much truth lies in this statement varies from person to person. As human beings, we have to live our lives in many sections and perceive different experiences.

Student life is one part of life for most people except those who did not get a chance to visit schools. We experience different things during our student lives. Some of the experiences become lifelong memories while some become horrible remembering.


It is said that “student life is The BEST life” because It is a period of pure joy and happiness. It is because the mind of a student is free from the worries and cares of grown-up life. In this period, the character of the student is formed. So, this life is also important for students to develop themselves as good citizen.

In student life, the prior duty of a student is to learn and gain knowledge. He must do all his work on time maintaining punctuality and discipline. He needs to remember that if he becomes successful in his student life, he will become capable of shining in any sphere of life.

Essay on Student Life- Introduction

Why Is Student Life Best?

Student life is quite enjoyable because there is less struggle. Students need to wake up early and prepare for going to school. Morning is an exciting part of student life because one needs to rush to the bus stop to catch the bus. This teaches us the importance of impatience in life.

Another thing that makes student life more exciting is forgetting to complete our homework on time. That moment seems horrible when the teacher asks for homework and we did not complete it. We feel the true fear of being punished.

Student life lets us introduce ourselves to our favourite subject, teacher, games, best friend and many other things. We do a lot of mischievous activities but when examination time comes, all our wickedness gets a full stop.


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The role of Friend Circle!

Student life is the time in life when we understand the importance of friends and friendship. This is the period when start making friends. When like-minded students make a group of friends, it is called the friend circle. True friends understand you well and help you with your need.

I have also made a friend circle in which there are five people. We all understand one another very well. We stand together in every situation of life. We share both joy and sorrow. My friends always helped me to improve my skills and always motivated me to do extraordinary in life. Whatever Identity I have today is all because of my friend circle.

There is a saying that you are an average person with five people surrounding you. So, It becomes very crucial to choose your friend circle wisely. Your friend circle can make or break your identity in society.

How does Student Life influence us?

Student life influences students very deeply. Their character and personality depend on this. This is why moral science holds a special place in the education system. Apart from schooling, they learn a lot of skills that help them to boost their productivity and confidence.

Student life is important for a country as well. This is because students are the future generations of a country. So, they are considered the foundation of the future of a country. If you need to make a building stand, you must make a strong foundation otherwise it will collapse.


To sum it up, student life is beginning to experience joy, struggle, discipline, devotion, confidence, fear, motivation, respect etc. Student life can make or ruin the personality of a student because it is the most crucial time for building character and developing a good personality. Apart from that, Students are the future of the country. So every student must try to become the best citizen in all respect so that his/her country can proud.

Essay on Student Life- Conclusion

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