Essay on Save Environment For Future Generations


The conditions or surroundings in which we all live are called the environment. The main elements of the environment are air, water, temperature, weather conditions and more.

The environment is the base of the life cycle. It is the most precious gift of nature but now our environment is in danger and so is the life of living beings. Saving the environment is very important to ensure a healthy life for future generations. It is the biggest challenge for humans to revert the environment to its real state.

As we know that damaged environment risks the expectancy of life. We need to take some steps immediately to save the environment and revert it to its original form at least for future generations.

First of all, deforestation needs to be stopped fully because trees are our best friends and they create a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Pollution of all types must be controlled at each level. It is the greatest enemy of the environment. Individuals and government together need to do their duties to control it. Humans can use bicycles for covering short distances.

The use of electric vehicles should be increased. Apart from this, Waste management, recycling, and using natural resources efficiently are some powerful ways to save our environment from damage.


We need to take some required steps immediately to save the environment and revert it to its original form. Using natural resources efficiently is a powerful way to save our environment our future generations.

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