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Essay on My Teacher [Short & Long]

Essay on My Teacher– A great teacher is not that hard to discover. The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. There is no substitute for a great teacher and you can not repay him/her even by devoting your whole life.

Teachers play a crucial role in the field of education, who educates students very well to make people of upright behaviour and values. In fact, they are one of the reasons behind our personality and behaviour.

Short Essay On My Teacher | 250 words


The life of a student is completely reliant on a teacher because the largest fraction of their time is spent in school rather than with parents which is why teachers play a significant role in developing the lives of children in school.

They are like a torch in the darkness in everyone’s life because they help students find their way in life. They are God-gifted in life who without any selfishness direct us to success. In fact, we can name them as the creator of an excellent future for our nation.

Essay On My Teacher | Introduction

About My Favourite Teacher

During our lives, we will be possessing many kith and kin who hold a specific place in our hearts. One such person in my life is my teacher. All of us will surely admit to the fact that the kinship between us and our school teachers can not be well-defined.

I like my nursery teacher very much. Her voice is very magical. She was very sweet in talking to all of us, I am incapable to express why she is always been my favourite and I relied on her passionately.

Impacts of teachers

When I first entered class 6, I had not much confidence in myself. My teacher mentored me and made me believe in myself. The great thing is the attention he gives to students most of the time, he follows up on their achievements and guarantees that he does everything he can to assist students to better perform academically.

He will always be a role model to me because of his way of doing something. He is devoted to his work and he is an achiever. By following in his footsteps, now I am able to dedicate myself to education and sports, which has supported me to accomplish my goals.


Concluding, Teachers play a crucial role in the field of education, who educates students very well to make them a person of upright behaviour and values. They make the student academically great and inspire them to do good in life.

Long Essay On My Teacher | 500 Words


We tend to communicate with a lot of people who either influence our lives positively or negatively. A teacher is one unbiased person who manages to strike a stability between the positive and the negative. Teachers have an enormous liability that we students can not guess.

The life of a student is completely reliant on a teacher because the largest fraction of their time is spent in school rather than with parents which is why teachers play a significant role in developing the lives of children in school.

All my teachers try their best to give us the best education, supervision and regulation despite the difficulties we might inflict on them.

My favourite teacher

I have many teachers because I am in inter-school but there is only one whom I can spell out as my favourite teacher because of the influence he has executed in my life. My teacher is a male of Indian ancestry and has a bright accent when he talks.

He is married and has two children. One of his children is my age and I recognise him through tennis practice because he also practices with us sometimes. I like my teacher because of his good sense of humour and he provides a good learning experience to the students.

He is a maths teacher and he is very skilled in mathematics. Students usually make fun of him all because of his funny accent but he also makes fun of himself, which becomes even more laughable. This teacher has always been an excellent mentor to me.

I reached him personally one day after finishing the class when I required clarification on a question I had not really understood. My teacher is very kind to me and guided me through it. Since then, he initiated to make follow-ups with me and I converted really well in math because of the efforts of my teacher.

Types of teachers

  1. Elementary school teachers- They play a vital role in setting the foundation for learning. They dedicate their careers to teaching young students from kindergarten to the fifth grade.
  2. Middle school teachers– Another highly significant period in a scholar’s life is middle school. Grades six to eight set the platform for high school.
  1. High school teachers– High school teachers improve their tutoring plans to challenge and fasten their students. They evaluate their students’ growth through ranked assignments and exams.
  2. Post-High School teachers- The attention of teachers in this framework is to equip students for life after high school.

Importance of Teachers

A great teacher is not that hard to discover, but you need to know where to look. Great teachers are well-prepared for their educational aims. They make their plan of action daily to assure the greatest productivity. Teachers have a lot of information on everything, especially in the subject they specialize in.

A good teacher extends their knowledge continuously to give good solutions to their students. Furthermore, a great teacher is similar to a friend that supports us in all our problems. A good teacher builds their own learning method which is uncommon and not mainstream.

This causes the students to learn the subject in a more reliable manner. In other words, a good teacher confirms their students are efficient and scoring good marks.

Impact of teachers

My parents and all my teachers are the first ones to influence my life significantly. In truth, at younger ages, students hold complete trust in their teachers and they obey their teachers more than their parents. This explains the significance and impression of a teacher in our lives.

when a student gets injured in school, the teacher enables them to first aid. This gives a sense of security and a unique connection between them.

Final Words

In conclusion, All my teachers have all the attributes and qualities that a good teacher should have. They are capable of combining all methods of teaching, They are sympathetic and friendly. From my interactions with them, I feel like the best of all gifts from God.

Essay On My Teacher | Conclusion


  1. When does teacher’s day is observed in India?

    Teacher’s Day in India is observed every year on the 5th of September. And it was first observed in the year 1962.

  2. When is International Teacher’s Day observed?

    World Teacher’s Day will be observed on 5th October 2021.

  3. How do I write an essay on My teacher?

    We can write an essay of any type in three simple steps:
    1. Just gather some information about the topic
    2. Think of the structure of the essay
    3. Start your essay with an engaging sentence
    4. At the end, give a finishing touch to your conclusion.
    That’s all you can write an Essay on My teacher.

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